Weekly Recap - 7/21/2015


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5. European Cup Comes To A Close This Weekend In Rome


Heat Score - 70

The Italia Surf Expo World SUP Challenge is to kick off this weekend as the prestigious European Cup Final at this unique beach festival. Following this event, the action will head to Brazil, Japan, California and Hawaii to close the season. Read more about the Italia Surf Expo World SUP Challenge and Stand Up World Series here






4. Boardworks Introduces the Tracker SUP for Anglers

bw tracker

Heat Score - 75

Boardworks, the makers of award-winning stand up paddleboards, was one of first brands to cater to the growing legion of SUP anglers. Boardworks strengthens its dedication to fisherman this season with the release of the Tracker SUP, a new angling-specific SUP board with a fish-approved color scheme. Learn more about The Tracker here.


3. How To Neatly Roll Up Your Inflatable Paddle Board With The Pump

red paddle how to roll

Heat Score - 82

In the most recent episode released from Red Paddle Co.'s "Whiteboard Wednesday" series, the crew gives us a few tips on how to roll up our inflatables with their revolutionary Titan Pump tucked inside. Here are a few steps to follow.


2. NFL Players Paddle Board For Offseason Training

nfl san diego

Heat Score - 89

Former San Diego Chargers team member Drew Brees, now the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, held an offseason training session this week with a group of his NO Saints teammates that included stand up paddle boarding. Brees, calls San Diego home part time and held this training session to help his teammates prepare for the upcoming season. Watch the teammates train on paddleboards here.

1. How To Do A Cross Bow Backside Turn On A Paddle Board

crossbow turn backside 4

Heat Score - 96

The Cross Bow backside turn is one that should be in everybody's repertoire as it's a really functional maneuver because of it's relatively quick execution and it's support in down-the-line surfing. Here, Sean Poynter gives us a breakdown on how to properly execute the Cross Bow backside turn on a paddle board.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 7 21 2015

Photo via: Kyle McAdams 

DescriptionLake Powell Fishing…Coming back in to the houseboat after a successful afternoon fishing for striped bass.


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