Weekly Recap 2/22/2022


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5. How To Punch Through A River Wave On A SUP

how to punch through river wave

Heat Score - 63

If you’ve been spending a solid amount of time paddle boarding down river you should have the basics down. Now, you’re more than likely ready to take the next step. Here, river expert Mike Tavares shares a couple of tips for running waves or small hydraulics on a whitewater SUP. This video is intended to help with basic river running technique while paddling downstream on a SUP. Check it out HERE.





4. Paddle Boarding Da Lat City, Vietnam

paddle boarding vietnam tuyen lam lake 2

Heat Score - 72

Amidst Da Lat - a city of a thousand flowers - is Tuyen Lam lake, located just around 5km from Da Lat center. Having 360ha area (around 3.6 square km) surrounded by lots of lush green pine trees and flowery hills, Tuyen Lam Lake is infamous for its pristine features and yet to become the top water sport destination. Read more HERE.


3. How To Help A Special Needs Child Enjoy Paddle Boarding

sup special needs

Heat Score - 77

SUP, or stand up paddleboarding, is a great activity for children with special needs, provided that they receive encouragement and support from parents, SUP instructors, or other caregivers. Check it out HERE.


2. EQUIP Reimagines the SUP Rental System

equip app launch

Heat Score - 85

SUP enthusiasts create a rental model that minimizes hassle and allows greater access to the sport. Equip, a new company based in the US, is rethinking how the rental system works, starting with SUP. Renters and travelers alike can use the Equip app to access a locker unit that is stocked with rental equipment. Read more HERE.


1. Clothing And Its SUP Performance Impact

clothing impact

Heat Score - 93

Just like all sports and fitness arenas, there is a significant amount of min-maxing going on behind the scenes with SUP – and clothing enters as its own debate. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 7 20 21

Photo via: Stuart Holmes

Description: Just enjoying the sun and cloud displays on the East side of Gibraltar!

Location: Gibraltar

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