How To Punch Through A River Wave On A SUP

If you’ve been spending a solid amount of time paddle boarding down river you should have the basics down. Now, you’re more than likely ready to take the next step. Here, river expert Mike Tavares shares a couple of tips for running waves or small hydraulics on a whitewater SUP. This video is intended to help with basic river running technique while paddling downstream on a SUP.

Punching Through a Wave


1. Square up to the wave.

When approaching a wave, the first thing you want to do is set-up properly. You always want to square up to the wave wherever the line is. Equally as important as you approach a rapid is making sure you’re setting up with the proper paddle strokes and speed.

2. Paddle

Right as you hit the crest of the wave you’re going to want to take a big paddle stroke through the wave allowing you to punch through the foam and end up out the back. As you punch through the wave you will want to lift your paddle back out and place it on the back side of the wave, positioning yourself for another stroke. The second stroke pulling you through the wave is very important. It will give you stability as well as the power to pull through so you won’t get stopped and turned or twisted around on that wave. So there you have it: a successful wave hit.

Check out the video above to see these steps in action as well as a couple of examples of what not to do.

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Mike Tavares

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