Top SUP Paddle Board Athletes On Instagram

SAN DIEGO, California - We're pretty stoked on Instagram at the moment. With roughly 75 million people using it per day, there's plenty of good pictures to scroll through when you're getting your daily web fix. To give you a sample of what's out there, we've compiled a list of out favorite paddle board athletes and ambassadors using instagram right now. 



Mike Tavares - Boardworks Team Manager, Ripper, First Mate to Captain Shred Dog.




Sean Poynter - Surfs with speed, power and flair. Coordinates moves and combos like a man with two brains.




Zane Schweitzer - International surf star, big moves, big waves, all-round nice guy.




Candice Appleby - Super talented water women, champion paddler, champion human. 


jodelle-f-instagramJodelle Fitzwater - Mermaid, SUP fitness and yoga extraordinaire.



AV-instagramAnthony Vela - Mercurial action man, hero to the people, ripper.




Matty Schweitzer - He rips, he shoots awesome films, travels and posts great instagram pictures.



mo-fietas-instagramMo Freitas - The future of SUP Surfing. Seriously. Kid RIPS. 


conbax-instagramConnor Baxter - One of the most talented paddle racers of our time. Charges.



Caio Vaz - Underrated and deadly Surfer. Will do big things… Watch.



Fernando Stalla - Brazilian BOP champion, great competitor, globe trotter.



Kai Lenny - Child prodigy, multi-talented super freak, big wave charger. Is able to tie both his legs in a sailor's knot through yoga.




Justin Holland - Fantastic surfer, fantastic paddler, family man.


slater-trout-instagramSlater Trout - Captain America of the SUP world. Paddles hard, surfs good. Chicks dig him. Wears tight pants.



Chuck Patterson - Would be absolutely terrifying if he wasn't such an amazingly warm human being. Charges like a maniac. Smiles like the sun. Could kill a man with just his neck muscles.



Nikki Gregg - SUP Fitness, outdoor living and adventure phenom. Wonderful human.



Bailey Rosen - Great paddler, surfer, SUP ambassador. Ambitious, driven, smart. 


beau-nixon-instagramBeau Nixon - Ausie ripper. Goes very vert. Can surf anything on any water craft.



Jeremy Riggs - Downwind guru and SUP guide. Speaks fluent fish, dolphin and sting ray in case of emergencies at sea. 



Vanina Walsh - Young surf star. Big future.

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