The Ultimate Waterman - Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton, foil boarding. | Photo Courtesy: gabbyandlaird.com Laird Hamilton, foil boarding. | Photo Courtesy: gabbyandlaird.com

RAGLAN, New Zealand - With the Ultimate Waterman event coming up next week, the invited athletes are preparing to battle it out and decide who will take the title as the Ultimate Waterman. The event will be taking place from March 14-21, 2015 in New Zealand and eight invitees will be competing across six disciplines and the winner will be determined by the athlete with the most points accumulated after the completion of all six disciplines.

Laird Hamilton, one of the best watermen in the world and Ultimate Waterman ambassador, has been down in New Zealand doing what he does best and has been featured as an ultimate waterman in preparation for the upcoming event. In this video provided by the Ultimate Waterman Laird talks candidly about what the ocean, waves and riding them means to his self-identity; what is foil boarding and why he does it; the intensity of foil boarding; his definition of what a waterman is; plus gives his thoughts on the small surfing town of Raglan, New Zealand.

Check out the video below and watch Laird do his thing. For more information on The Ultimate Waterman check out their website where there are athlete bios, event sites for each discipline and more! Also, head to their Facebook page for updates.

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