SUP Gear Review: Boardworks Shubu Raven

Natali Zollinger putting the SHUBU Raven to the test during the Back of Beyond Race-Moab, Utah. Natali Zollinger putting the SHUBU Raven to the test during the Back of Beyond Race-Moab, Utah.

MOAB, Utah - At 12 feet 6 inches long and 30 inches wide, the Boardworks SHUBU “SHow Up and Blow Up” Raven is the perfect all-around board. This board is excellent for traveling, recreation, touring, flat water tacing, multi-day SUP trips, surfing, whitewater, families, fitness, yoga, pilates and more…

With a name like the “Raven” this board performs like its counterpart in the sky. Unique, light, fast and leading the charge in the inflatable sup market. The design is one of my favorite features about this board. With Northwest Native American inspired graphics, this board stands out amongst all the rest. The energy this board radiates is magical. I’ve been lucky enough to paddle with the humpback whales, jellyfish, and manta rays of the ocean to the humpback chubs, beavers and great blue herons of the Intermountain West Rivers.

The Performance is exactly what you would expect:
  • At 6 inch thick, you can inflate it anywhere from 14psi to 18psi to perform in the right way for your activities.
  • With Boardworks' drop stitch technology it adds rigidity to this board that allows it to feel like a hardboard with all of the other added benefits of an inflatable.
  • The pointed nose glides fast through the water allowing the tuned up rocker to power through the waves on the ocean and in the river.
  • The pintail shape in the back improves maneuverability making it easy to turn when stepping back on the tail.
  • The deck pad is sticky through waves, as well as in your favorite yoga poses.
  • The tie downs in the front offer a great location to store your dry bag, cooler, or paddle while on the water.
  • The finbox is set for a removable fin, of any size. (I use 9″ for flatwater/deep rivers, 5″ for rocky rivers and 3″ for shallow creeks)
  • With a “Flap Pack” style backpack, the pack opens up like a climbing rope bag. Just lay it out flat, drop the rolled up board on, close the sides up, cinch the straps down, and off you go.

What more could you ask for in ONE SINGLE BOARD?

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The Raven is awesome for traveling!

This board has been everywhere with me in keeping up with all my adventures. Here’s a peak into the places I’ve gone and the activities I’ve done with the Raven.

bw raven mexico bw raven moab
bw raven review 3 bw raven go pro games

Clockwise: Mexico, Utah, Utah, Colorado.


SHUBU Raven Specifics


Design Notes: bw raven

Inspired by our award winning Raven hardboard SUP model, the Raven Inflatable 12’6″ models are constructed with super durable, extra light, extra rigid 6″ drop stitch material and can take just about anything you can throw at them. The SHUBU Raven is designed with the same outline as our ever popular Raven hardboards with a tuned up rocker. This is the perfect inflatable SUP for touring and fitness paddling, river running, racing and all around paddling. Packs up into an easy travel back pack. All ready to go on your next SUP adventure!


  • Includes a “flap” pack backpack, high volume pump, an inline pressure gauge, and a color matched rubber patch kit
  • Can be easily deflated, rolled up and put into the “flap” pack backpack for easy transport
  • Proven high-density drop stitch construction making the SHUBU very rigid for better performance
  • Ideal for people with limited room to store large boards
  • Equipped with a bungy system for strapping down whatever you might need for that adventure of a lifetime!Inflates to 14-18 PSI

The SHUBU Raven will help you fly, so jump on board and enjoy the ride!

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