FCS Stand Up Paddleboard Day Bag

FCS Stand Up Paddleboard Day Bag is the Best in the Market, with several SUP specific features for better use.


FCS Stand Up Paddleboard Day Use Bag for Surfing, Cross-over, and other board types.





Appleby's Board Bag

Candice Appleby talks about FCS' SUP Board Bag

FCS introduces a day-use bag, specifically designed for stand up paddleboards. A center handle on the middle of the bag solves much of the difficulty in carrying and handling your stand up paddleboard, whether it be a surfing, cross-over, or other types of sup boards. The combination of a reflective external layer and a ventilation valve cools down the interior of the bag to help prevent damage. There are also different pockets for the paddle, allowing you to place the paddle either inside or outside of the bag. And to boost durability, places of critical weight bearing points have been reinforced with special materials. (Join the Gear Talk Group.)





Rust Proof Zipper

Zipper is made of plastic to avoid corrosion and rust


Equipment: Stand Up Paddle Board Bag

Equipment Use: Day Use for Surfboards & Cross-overs

MSRP: US $239.99

Color: Alloy/Alloy

Sizes Available: 9'6", 10'6", 11'6"

Other: Fin slot

Other: Air vent

Other: Center Handle

Other: External paddle sling and handle system

Other: Ultra padded handles and shoulder strap

Other: High-density 5mm closed cell foam padding

Other: Reinforced zones at critical weight bearing points

Other: Durable, long-life 3/4 length moulded PK Delrin zipper with padded rail protection

Manufacturers: Contact FCS Company



Andre Niemeyer's Notes


Reflective Cover

To minize the bag temperature to reduce board damage



You must have one of these bags – enough said. That should be enough for the summary, but I'll add a few more notes. Don't want to buy a bag that is simply a blown up version of a regular surfboard bag, which fails to address the needs of hauling a stand up paddleboard? Want to protect your board with a bag specifically designed for your stand up paddleboard? Then you must get this bag. Am I straight enough here? Folks, my experience has been excellent, so I'm simply calling it as I see it. Don't wait to get one. It will help protect your board and save you tons of headaches. (Join FCS's Group on Supconnect.)


The FCS stand up paddleboard day bag is the best in the market thus far, no doubt. It gives you myriad features specifically designed for stand up paddle boards, features which FCS was the first to introduce to the market. The center handle alone is enough to earn some high points. Stand up paddleboard manufacturers have been grappling with the problem of carrying the boar for some time. The sheer size and width of the boards makes it highly difficult to haul and maneuver them, whether inside or outside of a bag. The center handle solves much of that problem. Then, add the reflective color, ventilation system, rust/corrosion proof zipper, paddle pocket and this board bag becomes a no brainer. If you want to protect your board from the daily wear and tear of simply carrying it, then owning one of these bags is a must. (Sign up to Sup Connect Newsletter to stay in the sup loop.)


I'm not sure I have found one con. I've used the FCS Stand Up Paddleboard Day Bag for several months now and I must confess that it far exceeded my expectations. I'm yet to find a flaw. But if and when I do find a downside,   then you should see an update to this post. Till then, here are some of the reasons why you should not buy it: you want to have more wear and tear on your board, you want a bag that doesn't address the features of a stand up paddleboard, or you simply don't care. If none of these apply, then visit your local shop (Paddle Surf Warehouse is a great stop) and make sure to get one and tell them that Supconnect.com sent you there! (Join FCS's Group on Supconnect) (Join FCS's Group on Supconnect)



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