BOTE Introduces New Gatorshell Impact Resistant SUPs

DESTIN, Florida - After years in the making, the new Gatorshell Technology is poised to be the next game changing innovation to be introduced by the Darkroom gurus at BOTE. In a quest to constantly improve upon the products made, the crew at BOTE has achieved something truly special. Incredibly strong and stunningly beautiful, the new line of Gatorshell boards are the toughest boards they’ve ever made.


In short, the Gatorshell Technology is made up of advanced plastics which normally are lightweight, strong and durable. In the past, these materials have not been the most eye-catching on the market. That is until now. With the new proprietary Gatorshell technology the team at BOTE has created an advanced plastics board with the look and feel of their classic construction, resulting in another stunningly beautiful BOTE.

bote gatorshell tech bote gatorshell tech 1


  • Six Times Tougher - According to energy impact comparisons, the Gatorshell board achieved 6x tougher construction vs. their handcrafted epoxy boards. The BOTE team conducted extensive tests within their Darkroom lab, not only with their own products, but also products from other manufacturers to ensure that Gatorshell outperformed anything it came up against. 6x force was the maximum our equipment was able to measure, which resulted in zero damage to the Gatorshell board.
  • Float Higher - Because plastic is less dense than epoxy, Gatorshell boards are more buoyant as compared to their epoxy equivalent. This makes them float higher in the water for a more comfortable paddle, while also adding increased capacity.
  • Abrasion Resistant - An abrasion resistant out shell means you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, like that time you got too close to that dock.
  • Innovative Features - Gatorshell BOTEs feature all the innovative features found on their hand-crafted epoxy boards, so you can outfit them the way you want, for the things you like to do.
  • Impact Resistant - Gatorshell construction is 6x tougher than their hand-crafted epoxy boards giving you the freedom to be, well, yourself.
  • Responsibly Crafted - The advanced plastics we use to build Gatorshell BOTEs are made from partially reclaimed material. As if that wasn’t good enough, excess material from its construction is again repurposed, meaning less waste, and that’s good for all of us.

To see and learn more about BOTE’s Gatorshell Technology, click HERE.

Last modified onFriday, 04 August 2017 16:17

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