Open Nominations Begin for 10th Annual Supconnect Awards

SAN DIEGO, California - Ahead of the official launch of the 10th Annual Supconnect Awards, Supconnect has begun to gather nominations for all categories. Categories include: Man of the Year, Woman of the Year, Grom of the Year and Gear of the Year, among others.

“In the past couple of years we've added the layer of open nominations to the Supconnect Awards, which we believe has helped us be even more accurate capturing the pulse of the industry," says Andre Niemeyer, Supconnect's Publisher and founding president of SUPIA, the industry's trade group. "Our staff is proactively reaching out to industry members and collecting their personal feedback to determine the top nominees for the awards but we're also collecting feedback from the public through these open nominations. In the past, the nominees were chosen by the Supconnect Editorial board and its Advisory board. But again this year, we're going the extra mile and gathering feedback from industry members and the public before even announcing the nominees. That will give us a more accurate picture of the state of the industry across brands, products, and athletes, making the Supconnect Awards the ultimate source in identifying the drivers of excellence and inspiration in our marketplace."

The selection process for the Supconnect Awards is a detailed one that involves the Supconnect Staff, an advisory board, brands, shops, other industry members, and the public. Criteria for the nominees includes not only performance but also ambassadorship, support and quality.

The criteria for athlete nominees is:

  • Ambassadorship: Conveying the cheerfulness and inclusiveness characteristic of the sport.
  • Involvement: Attending events and gatherings, having a finger on the pulse of the sport.
  • Performance: Showing proficiency in the sport, though top results are not a requirement.
  • Support: Having a following and votes to show you have some support to validate your credibility.

The criteria for athlete brands and shops is:

  • Involvement: Supporting the local SUP community by having demos, putting on events and educating consumers.
  • Support: Great customer service whether it be through sales, warranty or knowlege of the products.
  • Quality: Quality of the products are superb.

If you’d like to contribute and nominate someone for the Supconnect Awards, click HERE.

The official launch of the 2019 Supconnect Awards is July 1, 2019. To see more news on the Supconnect Awards, click HERE.

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