Neptune SUP Offers Affordable Gear With Quality Craftsmanship

Neptune SUPs offer affordable gear without compromising quality. Neptune SUPs offer affordable gear without compromising quality.

EASTBOURNE, U.K. - The idea behind Neptune was simple, create a brand, make great quality boards and paddles, lose the massive mark-ups, get more people on the water.

Based on the south coast of the UK, the sea has always been a part of our lives. Coming from a Skateboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing background from way back in the day, we have seen the SUP market grow over the last few years. It amazed us at how expensive it can be, up to £2,500 for a board £300 for a Paddle, with no options for less that’s of any quality. That’s what got us thinking (or opened up a can of worms, depends of which of us you speak to).

So, after long talks of what’s important in choosing a SUP we came down to 3 major areas:

1. Quality of the construction
2. Design (oh how vain we still are)
3. Prices

neptune sup introThe Neptune SUP Mach 2 range includes an Allrounder, Cruiser, Yoga, Surf and Wind SUP!

What came next was a mission to fulfill all the above and bring it to market. This led us on a quest to find the best manufacturer that would work with us on making what we now have. The company that we are using have been in the game for years, making high quality surfboards and over recent years SUP’s and Paddles (and for some of the big boys, but we cant mention names). The quality of the construction and attention to detail has really been one of the key ingredients to our success. They are happy to work with us, and help with new ideas.

As with any new sport, change and innovation is inevitable and we want to grow with the sport and become one of the market leaders and innovators. We have proven this with the launch in the summer of 2014 of our Mach #1 Range, which has been really popular and taught us a lot and led to our new Mach #2 range, which now includes Allrounder, Cruiser, YOGA, WIndSUP & Surf SUPs in almost any size you can imagine.

Quality of Construction

So, by using a Gloss polish board with high density EPS foam core, using epoxy, fiberglass, EPS, Bamboo Veneer, high quality Glassing 3 layers top and bottom, then adding a quality tail wedge deck grip, nose Camera mount, fin set & option to upgrade to our Pro range which come with Carbon rails & Honeycomb Fibreglass fins, we believe we have ticked all those boxes. It all sounds very complicated but it seems to be the best mix for strength against weight. As for the Paddle, we looked at all materials used and quickly came to the decision that carbon was the only way forward and 3K PU foam core carbon was the best choice. We then decided that a Bamboo blade was also the way to go (we like the look). Finally we added a new blade edge protection construction to give it the strength you need.

The next choice to make was for the paddle, Plastic, Fiberglass or Carbon,we decided Carbon was the way forward. Then, to go for a fixed or adjustable Paddle. What we have found in SUPing is that everyone wants to have a go and we are all different sizes so the choice was made for us. Then, for setting the height of the paddle (as lots of people set up incorrectly), here at Neptune HQ we have come up with a simple solution. Look at your paddle see your height by the hole, set the paddle to that and “hey presto”, one paddle set to your height (hopefully one of many innovations to come). We now feel that we have ticked all the Quality issues and are very happy with our gear as are our Neptune family members, check out some of our testimonials.

neptune sup intro 2 neptune sup intro 3

The Neptune SUP headquarters is just a quick walk to the beach! Check it out!

We then decided that we needed somewhere to call home and are now happy to invite people to our new HQ. We wanted to have a showroom to let people come and see for themselves what we are all about. Plus, with the sea only 5 mins away we are always happy to do Demos (any excuse to get on the water).

So, if you are interested in a SUP for yourself or even looking to become a distributor, don't delay get in touch today. You can also learn more about the brand by checking out their website.

About Neptune SUP

Neptune was born with a simple mission to create amazing boards & accessories, cut out the massive margins & get more people on the water. We have many members of the Neptune family and invite more to join and enjoy this amazing sport.

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