LXV Outdoor Acquires Tahoe SUP

LAKE TAHOE, California - LXV Outdoor announced it has acquired the rights to Tahoe SUP in a pivotal step toward establishing a global platform of outdoor sports brands. It will hold the rights of all Tahoe SUP™ related products including its Stand Up Paddleboards and other unique accessory products. LXV Outdoor is a division of Blackwater Holdings Inc., a privately held small-cap fund dedicated to bolstering companies products and creating a global presence.

It starts strong in the paddle board world with Tahoe SUP™, a leader in cutting edge stand up paddle board technology. Its founder/creator, Nate Brouwer, has worked hard to progress stand up paddle boarding past its surfer roots toward outdoor exploration. Tahoe SUP™ uses a combination of “thermoSUP™” technology around a hollow-dense “HoneytechCORE”™ architecture to create a more durable, lightweight, and affordable product more suited for cargo and a smoother experience.

James McColl, CEO of Blackwater Holdings Inc., has a long history of growing successful startups, and plans to make the Tahoe and Odyssey SUP brands more accessible by leveraging operations in USA, Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong. McColl said he’s excited to bring in the Tahoe and Odyssey brands under the LXV Outdoor umbrella: “[They] represent prestigious and premium industry-leading brands, and the thermoSUP™ technology is the future of the sport.”

Brouwer will continue in his visionary role, developing the technology, design, and Tahoe brand. “I'm excited to see the Tahoe SUP brand take a giant step forward to becoming a global leader. With the financial backing, Tahoe's industry-leading design will be matched with volume production capabilities.” (Nate Brouwer)

Executive Vice President of LXV Outdoor, Brian Lewis, worked with Nate Brouwer the past two years on the manufacturing processes that would create the experience Brouwer envisioned for paddle boards, like the trademarked “Koreguard™” material, utilizing ABS materials for a stronger, lighter, and longer lasting board. “I’m pleased to be a part of this team...With the leadership of James, combined with Nate’s vision, the brand [can] actualize as a product of choice by consumers everywhere with the affordability and durability the current market demands” said Brian Lewis.

Tahoe SUP’s revolutionary approach to paddle boarding sets a quality precedent in LXV Outdoor’s global vision. Each Tahoe SUP™ model features displacement hull technology, developed from research with the Tahoe SUP™ Race and Explore Project Team. The stability of the boards, combined with the displacement hull and added volume for cargo, enables paddlers to explore and “Go on. Tour™”. It supports a healthy and clean environment and is committed to providing the best customer experience on and off the water.

Paddle boarding only marks the beginning for LXV Outdoor, which, according to McColl, will continue bringing in outdoor sports-related brands to create a global platform of synergistic lines for outdoor adventuring.

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About LXV

L X V engineers the outdoors with innovative products and adventure. We are a unique worldwide platform that combines industry leading designers and adventure enthusiasts with global manufacturing and distribution. L X V‘s mission is to utilize this platform to enhance it’s existing brands and expand into the segments of the outdoor industry.

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