How To Play XSUP - The Stand Up Paddle Game

DANA POINT, California - Last week we ran a press release about the new SUP game, XSUP, which is basically an aquatic uninion of hockey/football and stand up paddling. The result is something tamer than its land-based origins, but just as fun and energetic. To find out more about this new game that is poised to go bananas this summer, we can up with the game's founder, Justin Van Dyck, to ask a few practical questions about how its played.   

1) XSUP Looks insane. In a nutshell, can you break it down for us? How many people can play at a time and what is the game's objective?

The XSUP Games is a sport played by two teams of 4 players with the objective of scoring goals. The field is a rectangle with an end zone at each end. An official regulation-sized field is 70×30 yards, with a playing field length of 50 yards and 10-yard end zones.  A goal is scored when a player catches the SAC in the end zone that player is attacking. (These are league rules, could play 2 vs 2 on any size really.)

xsup-sacThe XSUP SAC 

2) What do you use to play?


3) How did you come up with the idea and can you tell us a bit about the process of creating it?

The XSUP SAC started as an educational tool to build confidence on the board and learn board control.  It was clear right away there was something to it as it was very effective and everyone wanted to play.  After introducing it to elite paddlers the competitive side came out.  It was a blast! 


4) How strong of a paddler do you need to be to play?
I have played with first time paddlers that played extremely well (one of them even ended up on his competitors board still standing).  So fun!  Of course during competition paddle skill shows. The ability to put the board exactly where you want and move around on the board will translate to a strong player.  Very similar skills to paddlesurf. 

5) Do you offer lessons or clinics or anything for people who want to get involved?

The first clinic is going to be at the Mongoose Cup in Dana Point March 8, 2014.


6) Can you tell us a bit about the XSUP Games coming up?

Registration is now open at www.xsupgames.com.  Spring Season starts March 16, 2014. All groups from San Diego to Malibu are welcome to compete; manufacturers, shops, individuals or just your paddle crew.  Regular season will be 8 games, plus playoffs. Each team recommended minimum 6 players as games are 4 vs. 4.  We will break the league up into divisions based upon team competition level (*if needed).  Questions can be directed to [email protected] or call 949-667-3321.

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