Supconnect Photo Contest Opens for 2014

Enter the Supconnect Photo of the Month for February, 2014


SAN DIEGO, California - Friends and paddlers, we're pleased to announce that the Supconnect Photo of the Month contest is open for business in 2014. 2013 was a watershed year for the photo contests - we saw a record number of entries every month and an amazing selection of photos from around the world. Mauritius, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Mozambique, Thailand and many other nationas were all featured by Supconnectors. We hope 2014 sees more of the same thing!



"SUP Grom of the year nominees; Trent Carter, Matix Springer, Rhys Staples & Jane Staples are a big part of the future of SUP!" | 2013 Entry: Buke Brouwer 

What We're Looking For

We're looking for photos that capture the spirit of stand up paddling. We understand this means different things for differemt people, and that's why we're open to all aspects of the sport/lifestyle - flat water, surfing, river surfing, SUP yoga, SUP Fishing, downwinders, touring, cruising on your knees, hanging out with your pets or taking your very first strokes on a board. This is 100% open and up to you. After the votes are tallied, we'll announce the winner at the end of the month.


*Monthly winners will automatically be entered into the final Photo of the Year.


How To Enter

To enter, vote and hopefully win the Photo of the Month, just follow the same drill.

Click HERE. Next, follow the instructions and 1. Upload a photo, 2. Vote for your favorite and 3. Share with your friends.


2013 Photo of the year Winner, Soupart Fredrick

This year it is also important to use the hashtag #Supconnect while sharing your photo(s) on twitter and instagram. The number of likes on instagram and retweets on twitter will also play a roll in who becomes the winner. This is your chance to acquire more recognition! Each person may only vote ONE TIME on facebook so choose wisely.

Let's all get started and have fun with one of the best SUP Contests of the Year!


Click here to see last year's Top entries.

After submitting a photo(s) into the contest the public will vote on their favorites. Each person may vote one time on facebook but can also use the hashtag #Supconnect to earn more recognition on twitter and instagram. The winners will be chosen based upon vote count and judges favorites. The panel of judges will be comprised of paddleboard experts. By submitting your photo(s), you automatically give your consent to have your photo(s) used in the 2014 SupConnect Calendar and other SupConnect promotional material. Also by submitting a photo, you thereby acknowledge that you have full copyrights over the image and its content and grant SupConnect the copyrights necessary for the purposes aforementioned.


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