Epic Artificial Stand Up Paddle Wave

SUN CITY, South Africa – The Coreban team was not only invited to stand up paddle the artificial wave at Sun City, but also ride it. When we first heard about the African man-made wave hundreds of miles from the nearest coastline our thoughts were obviously mixed with different images. Small, mushy, close outs with quick take offs and no power. That was until last week when we received an invite from Sun International to fly to Johannesburg, South Africa to test ride the wave on a SUP for a future Coreban event.

As Coreban’s Production manager, Barend Buys and myself arrived at one of the most prestigious and unique resorts in the world, it felt more as if we had just fallen into an Indiana Jones Hollywood set (Hollywood actors, Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio had also just arrived so I guess we were at the right place at the right time.) Stepping up to the entrance with SUP gear in hand we were greeted with cocktails, and VIP red carpet treatment as the stage was set for the first SUP riders to attempt the African wave.

Now I have to say that over the past 35 years of surfing various venues around the world, there has always been that anticipation of paddling out to the line up wondering what the session had in store, but to be honest, this was almost unrealistic. Perfect surroundings- palm trees, crystal clear water, not a breath of wind and big decorative walls with monkeys on top chattering to each other. I can only imagine what they were saying watching this white boy standing on top of a surfboard with a paddle in hand.

The silence was broken by the pumps starting up and within a minute a surge of water exploded out from under the wall that sent a swell heading straight toward me. Adrenaline mixed with excitement as I dropped down the face to experience one of the most exhilarating moments. Surfing in a pool surrounded by huge walls and monkeys, African staff shouting with amazement and an overhead wave with no crowds all to ourselves. As the sun set over the majestic hotel both Barend and myself were hooked and until we return for the Coreban Invitational in September the African adventure will live on.

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