A Glimpse of the 6th Annual Chattajack

Photo from video | Courtesy of The Frame Theory Photo from video | Courtesy of The Frame Theory

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee - Consisting of 31 miles through the Tennessee River Gorge, the Chattajack is an inspiring and gruelling paddle board and kayak race that takes place every year in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It draws people from around the world, partly due to its beautiful destination, and partly because of its notorious reputation as one of the most challenging long distance races.

Aside from the mere difficulty of paddling 31 miles, one of the biggest challenges of the Chattajack is the unpredictable weather conditions. Each year poses different conditions, some mild and some severe. This year happened to land in the latter. With chilling air and water temperatures, fierce winds, and heavy rain, it’s clear Mother Nature pulled out all the stops to make this one of the most challenging Chattajack races to date. Both a celebration and testament to the noble pursuit of distance endurance, the Chattajack displays the immense strength and willpower that paddle sports demand.

Check out the video below from the 2017 Chattajack, courtesy of The Frame Theory, that gives a glimpse of the inspirational performances at this year’s race.

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