Jumping Dolphin Body Slams Paddle Boarder

Dolphins surfing. | Photo: Shutterstock Dolphins surfing. | Photo: Shutterstock

Being out in the lineup with a pod of dolphins is a situation that any paddle boarder would be stoked on…in most cases. In a video gone viral on social media this is one of the few times where you wouldn’t be so stoked. In the video seen below a paddle boarder is paddling out into the lineup when all of a sudden a pod of dolphins catching a set wave come in contact with the paddler and one dolphin comes in full contact and knocks the paddle boarder into the water. Luckily the paddler came right up and got back onto his board, probably a bit dazed and confused from it all but was able to walk away with one heck of a story. Check it out below.

What would you do if this happened to you? Tell us how you would react in the comments below.

Last modified onMonday, 30 April 2018 13:46

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