Paddle Boarding Huasteca, Mexico

Written by Aaron Koch

Inland Mexico offers plenty of sup opportunities for flat water and also rapids in the Huasteca Region


Aaron Koch stand up paddling Rio Valles in the Lower Micos Section, the hotest sup spot in the Huasteca Region, Mexico.


CIUDAD VALLES, Mexico – Just about everyone is familiar with Mexico's beaches.  Gulf, Caribbean and Pacific sides all offer opportunities for great SUP surfing.  Now it’s time to explore the endless beautiful rivers that Mexico has to offer.  If you’re familiar with rivers, you know that where there are mountains, there must be rivers and rapids.  We are located in the Sierra Madre Orientals on the eastern side of Mexico.  All of the rivers in the Huasteca region are spring fed, clean, and crisp with a deep turquoise blue color.  This particular part of the Huasteca is known for its Waterfalls.  They vary in size from 350 feet to 1 foot.  Some can be run on a SUP.  


25 Rapids in 7 Miles on Rio Valles


Mild River Runs & Rapids

Lower Micos is a great Recreational Glide Down River


Our hottest run is the Lower Micos section of the Rio Valles.  It has 25 rapids in 7 miles.  All rapids are below class 3 and perfect to paddle standing up. The wildlife on Micos is incredible, herons, turtles, eagles and migratory shore birds can be seen daily.


Our basecamp is located in Ciudad Valles, a town of 150,000 people, just 15 minutes away from whitewater and with plenty of flat water of its own in the downtown area. The downtown flat water is excellent for training, birding and learning the basics of SUP with river currents.  In the early season, Oct-Nov, we have an excellent river wave just 5 minutes away.  The river difficulty decreases as the water drops throughout the season.  This year for low water we will be exploring the possibility of higher waterfalls on the SUPs. (Join the Rivers & White Water Group on Supconnect.)


Highest Water Levels in October


Up to Class 3 White Water

Plenty of excitement during peak of the season


SUP is still in its infancy here in Inland Mexico.  If you want to find other paddlers come to Kayak Huasteca, which is located at the Heart of the Huasteca.  This year we have 4 boards and next year we will be doubling that.  If you plan on making the trip, I recommend an inflatable board and a break down paddle.  SUP products are hard to find in the mountains.


Our nearest airport is in Tampico; from there it is 2.5 hours to Ciudad Valles.  Weather temperatures are always mild, except for the summer when it can get as hot as 130 degrees.  Rainy season ends in October and that’s the start of Sup season.  Water levels are highest in October and decrease through April. (Join the SUP Mex Group on Supconnect.)


Water Never Below 78 Degrees


Warm Conditions Year Round

No need to fear falling off the board with that warm



More Photos from Inland Mexico



It is fresh water paddling at its finest.  Water temperatures never drop below 78 degrees and the weather is always hot.  A perfect day is enchiladas for breakfast, 25 rapids on the Micos with a stop at the Aventura ranch surf wave, and then on to cold Coronas at the take-out.  Come on down and share the Stoke.  See you on the river.  (Join the Inland Stoke Group on Supconnect.)


About Aaron Koch


Aaron is the owner of Kayak Huasteca, the first kayak school in the Huasteca region of Mexico.  He has been kayaking 8 years and stand up paddling 3 years.  Aaron specializes in inland water sports and can be seen in salt water on occasion.  KH trips are easy and we offer a No Stress atmosphere and plenty of Stoke to go around.  Check us out at  www.kayakhuasteca.com. Become friends with Aaron Koch on Supconnect.


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