Paddle Boarding Bali, Indonesia

Written by Pete Cox

Lagoons, perfectly positioned channels, and flawless wave lines are some of Bali's offerings.


Stand up paddling in Bali offers both stunning surfing and flat water. Here is Pete Cox posing and riding. Photo Courtesy: Pete Cox.


SUP'ing in Bali

Standup Paddling with respect for others in lineup



Up & Down the Face

Stand up paddle waves and conditions of all kinds



Glassy Shoulder Rights

Pick a side and you can find a perfect peeler



Overhead High Lefts

Standup paddling in Bali on his back hand on a left



More Photos of SUP Bali




BALI, Indonesia – An Island sitting in the Indian Ocean eight degrees south of the Equator, resting on the western fringes of the ring of fire, with perfect waves and conveniently placed reef channels, this is where I call home, Bali, also known as the ‘Island of the gods’ and more recently as ‘Stand Up Heaven.’ (Become friends with Pete Cox.)

It’s a perfect place to let your imagination run wild and give yourself the gift of free surfing in an unending horizon of unridden waves. Add to it the pleasure of plunging yourself into warm waters during the beginning of yet another pre-dawn session. Indonesia is known for waves, amazing watercolors and incredible surf consistency. All of that has just become all the more enjoyable thanks to the advent of stand up paddling. Paddling below 600-foot cliffs with temples perched above you and architectural lines stacked to the skies are some of the things you need to treat yourself to, at least once in a lifetime. Now that ‘once in a lifetime’ will likely be but the beginning of a lifetime of enjoyment each time you return.

Options to paddle atop aquamarine waters, slipping past limestone rock screens and caves carved from the continuous ocean motion will offer some amazing moments and ensure that the title of Stand Up Heaven is a valid one which will stay with Bali as more and more paddlers arrive and are lucky enough to experience the Bali Magic, a magic which typically turns into the driving force behind the planning of your returning visit. Living here in Bali allows me to be part of this awesome experience each and every day. (Join the Destination Group on Sup Connect.)

Whether your preference is enjoying some flat water paddling in protected lagoons, paddling to their outer fringes to marvel at the explosive power of the waves as they peel flawlessly down the line only meters away from you; whether you are in search of taking on some waves and developing your skills through rides that can only be described as ‘pure perfection;’ we look forward to welcoming you to Bali and making it a remarkable experience.

Whatever the level of excitement, ability, or athletic endurance, we’re most confident that your expectations will be at least met and at most completely blown out of the park. Long distance paddling is becoming increasingly popular and has become a standard offering in our hosting repertoire, especially as Bali’s natural landscape presents stunning sights both below and underwater. (Stay informed by receiving the Sup Connect Newsletter.)

To maintain the integrity of the sport of stand up paddling, we consider locations, swell size, and crowd when making the decision to join the surf lineup, always with the option of searching out for one of our ‘SUP Secret’ spots. With that spirit of ambassadorship and sensibility to surfing etiquette, we continue to maintain and spread the ‘sup stoke.’ Feel free to contact me and inquire about stand up paddling in Bali and having us help you with your trip to the ‘Stand Up Heaven.’ (Become friends with Pete Cox.)


About Pete Cox

Pete Cox lives in Bali and runs tourist and adventure trips through his website, www.supbali.com And he can also be contacted via email at [email protected]. Cox is an avid surfer and outdoors man who likes to explore not only Bali's perfectly peeling waves, but also its jaw-dropping flat water destinations.


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