Top SUP Fishing Spots In Texas

Paddle boarding in Austin, Texas. | Photo courtesy: Shutterstock Paddle boarding in Austin, Texas. | Photo courtesy: Shutterstock

There’s a lot of water in Texas and many Texans love SUP fishing, spending their spring and summer days searching for great spots to try out their luck with a rod and reel. Fishing waters can be hard to navigate if you're not a local, which is why we present to you these top spots for stand up paddle boarding fishing in the Lone Star State.

How to choose a good spot for SUP fishing?

When you arrive at one of these fishing spots you might wonder how to pick where to start...after all, these lakes and rivers are enormous! Here are a few factors to consider when making that choice.

Avoid Boats

Pick an area that either has little boat traffic or is designated for stand up paddle boarders and kayakers. If you're going with friends who are kayaking, scout out the spot beforehand to make sure you can stand up paddle board and kayak without crashing into each other.

Look For Interesting Water Features

In Texas, stand up paddle boarding can be done over a variety of bodies of water with varying depths and types. Rivers are best for stand up paddle boarding fishing because they have small rapids that stand up paddle boarders can choose to ride down or avoid while navigating around boulders and downed trees in the river bed.

sup fishing spots texas 6Photo courtesy: John Woodruff


Pay attention to the shoreline itself. If there are permanent structures (piers, pylons, etc.) stand up paddle boarding fishing can be very frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Currents and tides can draw you right into them in shallow water if you are not careful. Some stand up paddle boarders prefer a beach or man-made structure for stand up paddle boarding as it offers a stand up paddle boarding spot that is calmer than the surrounding open water. However, often beaches provide very little in terms of stand up paddle boarding fishing but are fun once you get out of the water.

Bring The Right Bait

You could pick the best spot in the world but if you don’t bring the right bait you’ll likely end up with a much less eventful day than you were hoping. For example, if you’re going somewhere with lots of crappie, make sure to bring the best crappie bait you can get your hands on. Learning what types of fish live in your next fishing hole is one of the most important things a fisherman can do ahead of time.

Lake Travis

sup fishing spots texas 1Lake Travis. | Photo courtesy: John Woodruff

This man-made reservoir on the Colorado River offers an abundance of game fish including bass, crappie, catfish, striped bass and more than 20 other varieties. It's excellent for stand up paddle boarding because it’s a large lake with sheltered bays and plenty of shoreline to explore just minutes away from Austin.

Choke Canyon Reservoir

sup fishing spots texas 2Choke Canyon Resevoir. | Photo courtesy: John Woodruff

This man-made reservoir in South Texas is a hot spot for stand up paddle boarding because it’s one of the biggest lakes in the area. It's a great stand up paddle boarding fishing destination because it has shoreline and an abundance of fish to catch including largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, white bass and more.

Lake Texoma

sup fishing spots texas 3Lake Texoma. | Photo courtesy: John Woodruff

Located on the border of Oklahoma and Texas on a reservoir formed by Denison Dam on the Red River (a major tributary of the Mississippi River), Lake Texoma offers a lot of great fishing opportunities. Monster bass and catfish (30+ pounds) are not uncommon here, as well as the occasional huge gar. These larger fish are certainly going to be a bit more difficult to handle on a stand up paddle board so be sure you bring your A-game.

Calaveras Lake

sup fishing spots texas 4Calaveras Lake. | Photo courtesy: John Woodruff

Located on the Guadalupe River, it’s a popular spot for fishing because of the milder water temperatures. This makes it an ideal place to bring children or grandchildren who are just getting into fishing. Stand up paddle boarders have to be careful of submerged trees and other hazards, so it can’t quite compare with the other lakes listed here, but there are still some solid fishing to be had if you don't venture too far off the beaten path.

Lake Fork

sup fishing spots texas 5Lake Fork. | Photo courtesy: John Woodruff

Located in the northeast corner of Texas, less than an hour from Tyler and about two hours from Shreveport, Louisiana on US Highway 271, this spot is great for stand up paddle boarding fishing. The lake is known for its big bass, but also offers fishing for crappie, redfish, blue and channel catfish. There are some shallow areas that stand up paddle boarders likely won't want to venture into so be sure to talk to someone from the area before you go on your adventure.

In Summary

There are a number of stand up paddle board fishing options in Texas - stand up paddle boarders should check them out and go for a ride on the water to try their luck with a rod and reel. Texas stand up paddle boarding spots offer great summer fun for everyone!

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