Learn How To Catch A River Wave In 4 Simple Steps

Alex Mauer river surfing at home in Colorado. | Photo Courtesy: Alex Mauer Alex Mauer river surfing at home in Colorado. | Photo Courtesy: Alex Mauer

LITTLETON, Colorado - If you’ve tried river surfing on your stand up paddle board (SUP) but just couldn’t get the hang of it, fear not because river expert Alex Mauer breaks down the four steps you need to take to make catching a wave on the river a piece of cake. See below:

Now that you have learned what river surfing is  here are four simple steps to get you on the river and catching your first wave. Remember that river surfing will take a lot of trial and error and over time you will learn what works best for you so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the hang of it right away. Also, please always wear the proper safety gear to prevent injury or death like a quick release leash and a pfd. That being said, here are four tips I use to make catching a river wave easier…

Step 1:

Start in the eddy facing up stream toward the river wave. Make sure you build up the proper speed to catch the wave. Building up speed will help you feel more balanced and have more control when you are setting up to paddle into the wave.

Step 2:

This is a perfect time to step back into a surf stance. I find it more difficult to step into a surf stance if I wait until I break the eddy line and start to drop onto the wave. Getting to the surf stance a little early will allow you to make sure the nose of the board doesn't pearl (get pushed under water).

Step 3:

Once you are paddling up the eddy toward the wave, angle your board at about ten degrees as your board breaks the eddy line onto the wave. This will allow you to enter the wave easier and to break the eddy line with more control.

Step 4:

Once your board has broken the eddy line and you are dropping back onto the wave you are going to need to make a few adjustments. This can be the most complicated part about river surfing. The current flowing down river is going to want to pull the nose of your board down river and off the wave. Adjusting your weight to straighten the nose of the board out with the wave will insure you stay on the wave. Throwing a brace with your paddle will also help you feel more stable while you make this adjustment.

Now you are river surfing!!! Check out this video below for a walk through!

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Alex Mauer

Alex Mauer is a long-time Colorado resident who since the age of 12 has been riding the local river waves. More recently, he has enjoyed the wonders of stand up paddling and has become one of its most passionate advocates and representatives. Mauer is one of Supconnect's most active contributors and an avid representative of the sport in his area. He can be reached and befriended via his profile page on Supconnect.

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