Jessica & Del Talk Fitness, Diet, Gear & Technique

As a continuation of the SUP Tips from Top Paddlers Webisode Series by SupConnect check out this great interview with Jessica Rando and Del DaSilva.  They share insight about their personal careers, the SUP scene in Canada, the Gear they use, ·thoughts on technique and tips on their diet.

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Finding The Right Board For You!

Need help choosing the right board for you?  Bob Long, owner of West Coast Paddle Sports has some great advice, check it out!

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Choosing Your Paddle Length

The wrong paddle length can affect your balance, board control, speed, and can lead to shoulder and back pain.  Find out how to choose the correct paddle length for you.

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Patent Pending Re'Leash Releasable SUP Leash

As River SUP grows and becomes more popular, it also becomes ever more important to keep people safe and use appropriate equipment.··That is why there is a patent pending, co-branded solution by Badfish SUP and their partners at Boardworks Surf for a new releasable, river specific SUP leash.

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Does Length Matter?

Ivan van Vuuren shares some of his stand up paddle expertise with SUP Connect. Find out if the length of your SUP paddle really does matter. Hint: the answer isn't no.

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Volume in Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

When choosing a stand up paddle board, volume is arguably the primary factor that one should consider. Here is a reference table that gives you a guideline when selecting your stand up paddle board.

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