Shurfing: The Online Gear Sharing Platform

Shurfing is an online platform that allows users to rent out their personal gear, thus, allowing users that are looking for equipment in a specific area, to find gear that suits their needs.

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3 Reasons To Travel With An Inflatable SUP

SAN DIEGO, California - One of the greatest things about being part of a sport/lifestyle like Stand Up Paddling is being able to do it anywhere. Not just around your home town or even other parts of your country, but anywhere around the world - provided there is water. Paddling in other parts of the world allows you to experience a new place in a familiar way, adding a new dynamic to any trip. One of the biggest drawbacks to traveling is the criminal charge that most airplanes place on taking a board. This is why inflatable boards come are so handy. To help us better understand the process of traveling with an inflatable board and what the pro's are, we've broken down five easy points to consider.

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How to Cut a Paddle

Learn how to cut a stand up paddle, step by step, with a video tutorial, interactive slideshow, and a complementary article, coming straight from Bob Long, the owner of arguably the first SUP Shop in California.

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Champions Choice - Nicole Pacelli's Favorite Fin

SAN DIEGO, California - Fins are one of the most crucial parts of our equipment setup, but we don't always put that much thought into what makes them tick. Without them we'd all be doing 360's on the way down a wave's face - or falling before that happens. This week we asked the new Women's Stand Up World Tour Champion, Nicole Pacelli, about her choice in fin.

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5 Questions About The Wave Jet Rescue Board

SAN DIEGO, California - One of the most interesting items in the Wave Jet quiver is the rescue board, now being adopted by lifeguards across the world. This week we caught up Kelly Virgulto from Wave Jet to find out more about the rescue board and what makes it such a handy tool.

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Ocean Rodeo Shares Insight On New Dry Suit

VANCOUVER ISLAND, Canada - Winter presents a tricky dynamic for paddlers. It can be difficult to strike a balance between layering up to stay warm and staying loose. To get some insight into this seasonale issue, we spoke with Dom Moore from Ocean Rodeo about the science behind OR’s thermal layers and dry suits and why they’re so effective for winter paddling in all conditions.

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