6 Reasons The LiftSUP Is A Work Of Genius

CARLSBAD, California - For anyone new to paddle boarding, LiftSUP the original retractable handle created by the science buffs at SUP Think Tank, specifically designed for Stand Up Paddle Boards. These technically advanced, injection molded handles make transporting your board easy - quite something when you're talking about something up to fourteen feet long. But they're useful for more than just carrying your board. Here's 6 big Reasons the LiftSUP is arguably the most useful, multi-purpose and downright handy SUP accessory on the market.

6. It Plays Nicely With All Boards


The LiftSUP is a small, durable product that integrates with all boards - new ones, old ones, big ones, small ones. It won't take up room or damage your deck at all. Leading brands like Boardworks, Yolo, Surf Tech and others are adding them to more of their boards every year, because the product enhances user experience.


5. Easy to Install

Installing the LiftSUP is a simple job. There's no black magic or art involved. On new boards it's installed before the blank is glassed. For older boards, the handle is retrofitted through a basic operation that won't damage your board one bit. If you live in San diego, the boys at the Ding King will show you how to do this easily. If you're getting a board from somewhere else, you can request it on order.


4. Non Intrusive


Because the LiftSUP is small and compact, you're not even going to know it's there while you're surfing. It sits flush with the deck of the board when not in use and won't pop up unexpectedly, so you won't catch your toes, grate your heels or get caught on it while adjusting your footing. In fact, the cool gel dome label for branding actually provides a bit of traction if stepped on - double bonus.


3. General Transport

The LiftSUP has essentially revolutionized how to carry your board. With the exception of a few freakishly large humans like Chuck Patterson, trying to carry a board around the rails, on the head or through the legs just gets uncomfortable. And tiring. And annoying. And it looks silly. The simple, sensible answer is to use a handle.


2. It's A True SUP Product - Made By Paddlers For Paddlers

lift-sup-2-by-2The LiftSUP, like all SUP Think Tank Products, was developed by paddlers for paddlers. This is not another sporting accessory that has been modified for use in SUP boards - it was designed from the ground up specifically for SUP boards. Its DNA is in every board on the water. Another noteworthy fact is that it's 100% American manufactured.


1. Ani-Theft


The LiftSUP handle also doubles as an anti-theft device when you thread a decent cable through it. Tie it to a lamp post, your car, balcony - anywhere you like,

So, there you have it. If you have further questions or you'd like to get the LiftSUP installed, follow the link to the SUP Think Tank website or e-mail [email protected].


Post Script: Beware of Knock Offs

Prior to publishing this article, we heard got this note from Matt at SUP Think Tank:

"On a recent trip to China it was brought to our attention that a knock off (see pic below) of our patented LiftSUP handle has entered the market. The copy is constructed with very inferior materials, making it weak and potentially hazardous to you and your board. The LiftSUP handle is a fully patented design. We use the best materials on the market to create a light, exceptionally strong, durable and functional piece of equipment. All of the SUP Think Tank products are ‘Made in America’ to very high standards and are function tested thoroughly before introduction and strength tested at a third party destructive testing lab to ensure the best customer experience.


Out of respect for designers, scientists, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs around the world we intend to vigorously enforce the rights embodied within our patents and patents pending. Please help us spread the word! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected] or 760-310-4100. 


About SUP Think Tank

SUP Think Tank was founded in 2010 and is located in southern California on the coast, in the heart of paddling country. We provide products directly to manufacturers, board builders, and retrofitters. All products are available with product specific tooling and comprehensive support from our team. The SUP Think Tank pit crew lives to paddle and is always innovating and welcomes any recommendations, ideas and invitations to collaborate.

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