10 Days Left in 2012 SUP Grom Contest

The Sup Grom of the Year Final has only 10 days left!  Currently Christopher Bluthardt is leading the pack with 120 votes and Dylan Frick is close behind with 105 votes, but the title could still be won by just about any one of the finalists!

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Jamie Mitchell is Supconnect SUP Man of the Year 2012

After 2 months of nominations and voting, the Supconnect community chooses Jamie Mitchell as SUP Man of the Year 2012. ·He joins Chuck Patterson, 2010 SUP Man of the Year, and Antoine Delpero, 2011 SUP Man of the Year as somone who will be remembered forever as one of the greats in the sport.

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It's Now or Never, SUP Man 2012 Wrapping Up

Hurry, there are only a few days left to vote for the man you believe deserves to be the Supconnect SUP man of the Year for 2012. ·The voting portion of this contest will end on August 31st at midnight pacific standard time.

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Supconnect Recognizes Best SUPers in the World

In 2010 Supconnect began the very first stand up paddle awards to recognize those who contributed the most and performed at the highest levels in the sport. ·This year marks the third annual Supconnect Awards and the motivation behind them remains the same.

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2012 Supconnect Awards Schedule & Info.

Paddlers have already had so much fun during the SUP Man of the Year open nomination phase, and currently with the SUP Man of the Year final, that it's triggered more excitement and curiosity about other upcoming Supconnect award categories and when each contest will take place.  Read more for answers!

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Time is Running Out and the Competition is Fierce

The sun is setting on phase one of the 2012 Supconnect SUP Man Of the Year Awards.  After 3 weeks of nominations and voting there are only days left to vote and tell us who you think deserves to be among the elite SUP Men of 2012 in preparation for phase 2!

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Supconnect SUP Man of the Year 2012 is Under Way

It's that time of year again!  With almost 6 months of 2012 already past it is time to gear up for the 3rd annual Supconnect Awards.  They kick off today with the 2012 "SUP Man of the Year" contest!

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SUP Stories of the Year 2011

As the world’s highest ranked website and with the largest global reach, Supconnect has received a barrage of stories from all over the world about paddleboarding. Below are the winners of SUP Stories of the Year 2011.

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SUP Women of the Year 2011 Results

After much competition and a robust audience engagement, the first and original awards of the standup paddle world is proud to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual SUP Women of the Year Awards.

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Andre Niemeyer, Sup Woman of the Year 2011


She is faster than Candice Appleby, created more instructional content than Nikki Gregg, and is so powerful that she can disguise herself as a brown man originally from Brazil.

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