Weekly Recap 9/21/2021


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5. 5 Ways SUP Yoga Can Enrich Your Daily Life

yoga enrich life aubrey renee

Heat Score - 63

SUP Yoga is on the rise and the crossover of the two sports (stand up paddling and yoga) is reaching the masses. Here, Aubrey Renee, a lover of SUP Yoga and stand up paddling shares five ways that SUP Yoga can enrich your daily life. Read more HERE.





4. Get Exotic on Your Next SUP Adventure: 3 Must-Visit Destinations

exotic sup destination

Heat Score - 71

With over 1.2 million paddlers across the globe, it is clear to see why stand up paddling is popular among travelers. When planning the next ultimate paddling trip, SUP enthusiasts have their own favorite destinations to visit. The conversation usually talks of calm waters, stunning scenery, and pristine lakes– mainly across the United States. However, with so many places to visit for SUP travelers, why not take the path less traveled? Read more HERE.


3. TAHE Outdoors Announces New Brand Managers for TAHE and SIC Maui

SIC 2021 Bayonet Andrea Moller

Heat Score - 79

Agility and adaptability are essential living in the age of rapid change and for Tahe Outdoors, steering through the current growth of all its brands means restructuring its organization. Tahe Outdoors is pleased to announce Jacques Freydrich as the new head of the TAHE brand and Casi Rynkowski as the new head of SIC. Read more HERE.


2. What To Know Before Purchasing Your First Paddle Board

buying a sup tips

Heat Score - 85

When preparing to go out and purchase a new stand up paddleboard there are certain things that you should have in mind before making your purchase. First, decide whether or not you want to use it as a form of exercise or just for a comfortable day out on the water. Read more HERE.

1. Paddle Boarder Has Close Encounter With Florida Gator

florida gator encounter

Heat Score - 92

Silver Springs State Park is a wonderful place in Florida to stand up paddle. The clear turquoise-blue waters of the river mixed with the scenery and animal life make for a great time. Recently however, a woman documented her somewhat aggressive encounter with a large alligator that was not happy with her presence there. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 7 20 21

Photo via: Melis Baloğlu

Description: Just before dinner.

Location: Marmaris, Turkey

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