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5. SUP Club Brings Paddle Boarding to Inland Brazil

inland sup club brazil 2

Heat Score - 63

Although nature has given many rivers and waterfalls to the "Triangulo Mineiro," a beautiful region on the west of Minas Gerais state, in the big Brazilian inland - there wasn't a regular nautical sports practice there, not until the advent of Rowing Club IKEMANA. Read more HERE.





4. Diving and Stand Up Paddle Boarding: The Perfect Pals?

sup diving 1

Heat Score - 70

On the face of it, deep sea diving and stand up paddle boarding couldn’t be more different. After all, one takes place on the surface of the sea while one takes place deep below. But with diving being a very popular sport in the USA, it’s perhaps time for SUP aficionados to think about trying it out as something new. Read more HERE.

3. 10 Nutrition Tips for Peak SUP Performance

nutrition for sup 3

Heat Score - 78

Nothing puts more of a damper on your downwinder than quick crash of energy and stamina. And even the most proficient of paddlers, and strategic of strokes will lose steam if the fuel coming in is lacking the proper nutrients. If you are looking to increase your speed, replenish your muscles after race-training, achieve 3-legged down dog, or simply just wanting some healthy snacks to carry with you on your typical Sunday Funday, Jodelle Fitzwater put together her Top 10 Nutrition tips to keep you SUP-er strong and paddling long! Read more HERE.

2. Less Than 1 Week Left To Vote In Supconnect Awards 2020

supconnect awards 2020 voting

Heat Score - 85

With less than 1 week remaining left in the voting phase of the 2020 Supconnect Awards things have really started heating up! With over 75,000 views and counting there has been an outpouring of support for the finalists in each category from all over the world. Remember, there’s still one week left to show your support for all our nominees in each category! Be sure to vote before July 31st. The voting will close at 11:59pm PST, and any votes placed after that time will not be taken into consideration. Vote HERE.

1. 7 Famous Landmarks To See On Your SUP

7 famous landmarks to see on your sup 7

Heat Score - 93

We often think of stand up paddle adventures as an opportunity to see some of nature's finest creations, but there are actually several famous man-made landmarks that are also accessible by SUP. To recognize a few of these artistic masterpieces, we've rounded up 7 of the most fascinating landmarks from around the world that can be seen from a paddle board. Check it out HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 7 28 20

Photo via: Jean Mcbroom

Description: A once in a lifetime opportunity for us locals. The incessant load of millions of tourists has slowed down a bit and we can actually get there.

Location: Moraine Lake Alberta

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