Weekly Recap 3/2/2021


Welcome to the Supconnect Weekly Recap, our countdown of the Top 5 biggest news, reviews, interviews and features surrounding the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding. If you’ve got anything newsworthy, weird or worth reading about, don’t be shy to share the scoop with us via e-mail. 

5. Outdoor Retailer Summer Moves to August

colorado convention center

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Mark your calendars, the Outdoor Retailer Summer 2021 show is shifting back two months. The new dates are scheduled for August 10-12, 2021, when we’ll return to the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Originally scheduled for June, this change allows more time to facilitate a safe and successful in-person event, gives exhibitors and attendees more days to plan participation, and provides greater peace-of-mind in the opportunity to gather and do business together. Learn more HERE.





4. The Common Misconception of Stance

tipping point tyler callaway 1

Heat Score - 69

Recently while at the beach and during retreats I’ve noticed a common error in people paddle surfing in the line-up: their stance. Stance in the line-up is one of the main important items we teach at our SUP ‘n’ Surf Retreats. Why?. Read more HERE.

3. Paddle Boarding Israel

paddle boarding the dead sea photo david shankbone

Heat Score - 75

I bet you never thought of Israel as a great destination for SUP, surf, windsurf and kite! You’ll be surprised to discover in this article the wide variety and unique conditions Israel has to offer.. Learn more HERE.

2. What Are the Mental Health Benefits of SUP?

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Heat Score - 80

One major reason that so many individuals are beginning to show an interest in SUP is due to its mental health benefits. Because of the unique nature of SUP, participants stand to gain benefits from it that are not offered by many other forms of exercise. Learn more about a few of the proven mental health benefits that one can experience from SUP. Read more HERE.

1. Tips for Stand Up Paddling with Your Dog

tips to sup with dog 1

Heat Score - 93

Would you like to experience a whole new level of adventure with your dog? Learn how to stand-up paddle (SUP) together! But before you set sail, let me remind you that this is not gonna be a walk in the park. There are a few necessary steps you have to take before you embark on a water adventure with your pup. Here’s a simple guide in getting started to SUP with your dog. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 3 2 21

Photo via: Matt Majka     

Description: This photo was taken at 3 sisters springs in Crystal River, FL. It was 40° out and we paddled over to swim with the manatees. If you look close you can see some. We tied off to each other and our boards happened to form an X while I was taking drone shots and ended up with this cool shot!

Location: Crystal River, FL

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