Weekly Recap 11/22/22


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5. Coming Up: Montenegro SUP Safari 2023

Coming Up: Montenegro SUP Safari 2023

Heat Score - 65

Are you an experienced paddler looking for an epic SUP adventure for 2023? Check out SUP Montenegro’s upcoming SUP Safari! You’ll embark on a four-day, 67km adventure along the picturesque coastline of Montenegro. Read more HERE.





4. How To Stay Stoked In A Crowded Lineup

How To Stay Stoked In A Crowded Lineup

Heat Score - 73

It’s true that today’s broad surfing community holds a varied and often questionable understanding of surfing etiquette. Add a few individuals with entitlement issues, a couple more with a lack of common courtesy and respect and we have a recipe for a potential bummer of a surf session. Here’s a few thoughts on how to stay stoked through the lineup. Read more HERE.


3. 7 Physical & Mental Benefits Of Whitewater SUPing

7 Physical & Mental Benefits Of Whitewater SUPing

Heat Score - 80

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an amazing sport for so many reasons. It gets you outside, gives you a workout, and can even be good for your mental health. Take your board out to some white-water rapids or big waves and you have a really exciting challenge on your hands. In these circumstances, you’ll get to experience the true excitement and beneficial qualities of whitewater paddle boarding. Read more HERE.


2. Paddle Into History In The Hudson Highlands

Paddle Into History In The Hudson Highlands

Heat Score - 87

The Hudson River is known as “America’s First River”. It was the colonists’ first major waterway into the interior of the nation, so to paddle the Hudson is to paddle into a rich history and tradition. Read more HERE


1. Tips For Stand Up Paddling With Your Dog

Tips For Stand Up Paddling With Your Dog

Heat Score - 91

Would you like to experience a whole new level of adventure with your dog? Learn how to stand-up paddle together! But before you set sail, let me remind you that this is not gonna be a walk in the park. There are a few necessary steps you have to take before you embark on a water adventure with your pup. Here’s a simple guide in getting started to SUP with your dog. Read more HERE.


Photo Of The Week

photo of the week

Photo via: Alex Trinidad

Location: Gibraltar

Description: "Surprised by an oncoming flying fish being chased by a dolphin in the waters at Gibraltar’s eastern side. Always awesome."

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