Weekly Recap 10/27/2020


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5. Aztron Announces 2021 SUP Range

aztron 2021 range

Heat Score - 61

The new 2021 Aztron SUP range has been released and includes a compact SUP collection as well as an expansion on the popular Aztron Eclipse Soft Top Composite SUPs. Check out a preview of the new range for 2021 HERE.





4. SUPcation Destination: Komodo, Indonesia

b sup wilderness adventures komodo expedition 1

Heat Score - 68

Looking to head out on a SUP vacation that is outside of the norm? Consider Komodo Island in Indonesia! Komodo National Park is a World Heritage listed site, located in the east of Indonesia. Read more HERE.

3. How To Analyze Your Surf Break

sup surf tips sean poynter ep 5

Heat Score - 75

Sean Poynter is one of the best stand up paddle surfers in the world, so when he stops to give some surf advice, you be sure to listen. In Sean's 'how-to' surf series, Sean explains how to analyze your surf break. Sean gives us a list of a few things to keep in mind. See what he had to say HERE.

2. How To Stay Stoked In A Crowded Lineup

sup surfing stoke pc john carter 2

Heat Score - 83

It’s true that today’s broad surfing community holds a varied and often questionable understanding of surfing etiquette. Add a few individuals with entitlement issues, a couple more with a lack of common courtesy and respect and we have a recipe for a potential bummer of a surf session. Here’s a few thoughts on how to stay stoked through the lineup.

1. Essential First Aid Tips For Paddleboarding

paddleboard first aid tips 2

Heat Score - 90

If you follow the rules and have had some experience on the water, you should be able to enjoy a day of SUPing worry-free. While most people can enjoy an injury-free SUP experience, it's always best to be prepared. If you are planning a SUP trip, it's a good idea to be ready if anything goes wrong, especially if you might be a distance from available medical help. Read more HERE.

Photo Of The Week

photo of the week 10 27 2020

Photo via: Tara Willoughby          

Description: In the zone executing natarajasana (lordofthedancepose) among the lily pads.

Location: Frenchman’s Bay, Lake Ontario

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