Watch Stand Up Paddle Video Of Massive Newport Wedge

Newport Wedge is tricky and scary place. Located in the furthest nook of the Balboa Peninsula, the Wedge is about as hairy and ruthless as beachbreak's around the world get. The slightest sniff of swell from the south comes in at a perfect angle, rebounding off the harbor wall and forming those death-teepees that you've seen in magazines and movies over the years. It's not a playful wave for people who want to tick it off their bucket list - at least not when there is swell.


We seldom see stand up paddles boarders at the Wedge, but there are a few crazies among us who try their luck from time to time. SUPreme athlete, Daniel Hughes, is part of that tribe and recently did a fine job of holding his own out there. Check out the video of him charging.


Photo Credit: Joe Foster



Last modified onMonday, 26 January 2015 12:35

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