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SUP Yoga With Soyela Shafer

Soyela Shafer on her Pau Hana Lotus. Soyela Shafer on her Pau Hana Lotus.

MARINA DEL REY, California - Pau Hana and Soyela Yoga hosted a SUP Yoga event at Mother's Beach in Marina del Rey, CA. The video features the Pau Hana Lotus board, the Supconnect Gear of the Year 2015 winner for Yoga, and the Petal band ring and SeaMount System, which is used to attach the boards together in a circle. Join Soyela Shafer and Pau Hana Surf Supply for SUP yoga at Mother's Beach as they share a few tips and more!

Top tips for someone new getting into the sport:


1. Try it

Trusting yourself and really recognizing that transitions are a lot of areas where people create injuries within themselves. So, just really take your time so that trust and your breath can really help you to slow down.

2. Have fun

If you fall in the water there is nothing wrong with that, and it's actually really fun!

Follow Soyela Yoga on facebook to see class times and sign up with her or on pauhanasurfco.com.

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