SUP’ing With Your Furry Friend

Suping with man's best friend is popular and fun.  Watch one example of this below.

SAN DIEGO - California - One of the great things about flatwater paddling is that you don’t have to leave your furry best friend behind.· A lot of avid paddlers bring along their dogs and in some cases their cats!

SUP’ing with your pet and doing it safely is important.· If your dog loves to be on the water but isnt a great swimmer, it’s a good idea to get a doggie life vest.· These can be purchased at most pet stores and come in all shapes and sizes.· Be sure to check the size chart to make sure you have the perfect fit to optimize safety for your pooch.

SUP companies are noticing that people are bringing their pets along.· Instead of putting a not-so-stable towel on the front of your board for your pooch to perch, companies are making products and pads specially designed for your dog’s safety.  Many of the dog pads mount easily to most SUP boards or just choose a board with a full deck pad such at the Joyride by Boardworks Surf seen in the video above. 

Tell us what you think about paddling with your furry friend and share you pictures with us here on our website by joining the SupConnect Community!

Shred Dog and his SUP's from RiverShred on Vimeo.


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