Crossbreed AirTech: Proper Inflation & Storage

Learn how to properly inflate and store your Crossbreed Inflatable! Learn how to properly inflate and store your Crossbreed Inflatable!

SAN DIEGO, California - For a newcomer to inflatables, setup and breakdown of your inflatable SUP can be confusing and challenging if you aren’t familiar with the tools involved. For quick and easy tips for proper setup and breakdown of Slingshot SUP's inflatable Crossbreed AirTech paddle board, see the tips and video below!

Set Up

  1. Unpack contents of carrying bag.
  2. Unroll paddle board to begin inflating.
  3. Connect the two-way inflater pump and begin to inflate the paddle board with air.
  4. As you approach 8-10 PSI, the upstrokes will become increasingly more difficult. For this, remove the red cap on the side of the pump, turns it into a one-way valve, only pushing air on the down strokes and allowing you to reach the desired 15 PSI with ease.
  5. Replace the valve cap and move on to fin installation.
  6. Remove the hardware from the fin and then reconnect the screw to the footplate. This makes it easy to set the footplate into position.
  7. Now remove the screw and line up the fin. Once lined up, put the screw through the top of the fin and tighten. Now you’re ready to get on the water!

Break Down

  1. After finishing your time on the water the first step to breaking down your board is to remove the fin from the fin box. Then, use the male end of the hardware to retrieve the footplate and reattach the hardware to the fin so it does not get lost.
  2. Next, remove the cap and turn the valve a quarter turn to the open position.
  3. Use whatever technique necessary to remove the air from the board.
  4. To get the remaining air out of the board, disconnect the hose from the “out” valve and reconnect to the “in” valve. This converts the inflation pump to a vacuum to suck out the air and make the paddle board tight and easy to roll for storage.
  5. Now, roll the paddle board from the tail using the width of the fin box as a reference for your fold.
  6. Once the board is rolled tight, secure with the packing strap and reload it into the carrying bag.
  7. Do not forget the fin and the inflator pump!

Watch the video demonstration below!

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