10'6" All-Around Wide by PSH



PSH 10-6 All-around Wide Stand Up Paddle Board Model.





Extra Wide

Extra width to give plenty of buoyance for nearly all

PSH 10-6 All-Around Wide by Paddle Surf Hawaii and Boardworks

For both leisure paddling or performance surfing, the 10-6 can handle just about anything. From casual carving 1 foot waves to racing sections on triple overhead, critical bombs, this board performs not only well but exceptionally well for a wide variety of skill levels and types of waves. (Join the Gear Talk Group on Sup Connect.)








Tapered Tail

Blane's trademartk tail to boost surfing performance


Equipment: Stand Up Paddle

Equipment Use: Surfing & Touring

MSRP: US $1,325

Length: 10' 6"

Width: 30"

Tickness: 4 3/4"

Volume: 185 Liters

Nose: full-nose

Tail: round-squashed

Fins Setup: 4+1

Other.1: Center Handle

Other.2: Traction

Other.3: Leash Plug

Construction: Molded - Epoxy Vacuum System (EVS)

Manufacturers: Contact Boardworks SUP



Andre Niemeyer's Notes


Boyancy Aplenty

Extra width to give plenty of buoyance for nearly all



The All-Around Wide stand up paddle board by PSH is a great fit for someone looking for a bit more stability but who also wants to take it to the surf and have some fun. The added stability makes touring more comfortable and the strong construction can take its fair amount of beating. (Become friends with Boardworks on Sup Connect.)



Drawing from several of the performance-driven features of his other models, Blane Chambers in this All-Around Wide mode strikes that nice balance between keeping the board maneuverable while adding stability. The well-tapered tail, which is one of Chamber's trademarks, allows the rider to execute turns with much easy, despite of the board's extra width. The full-nose on this model also helps to boost stability and at the same time makes it easier to go for a noseride. The traction on the deck has plenty of grip and the handle certainly helps to haul the board to the waterline. Turning to the fins, this model is an all-for-all. With 4 boxes for side fins, you can set it up either as a quad or twin fin. Then add the center fin and you can go with the traditional 2-side fins and a longer center-fin, or, if you want, add 5 fins to it and see how it works. Then, you can also go single fin. So, as you see, don't let the extra width (designed to give you stability) fool you. This model still offers plenty of features for those looking not only for stability but also some maneuverable fun. (Sign up to Sup Connect Newsletter to stay in the sup loop.)



Very light-weight stand up paddle surfers, racers, and anyone thinking about doing some serious touring should look else where. This board, the All-Around WIDE, was designed for your typical or heavier stand up paddler who is looking for some more stability while still being able to throw the board around in the surf. If you're an intermediate, advanced or a very light-weight stand up paddle surfer, you should consider normal, not extra, width models. And if you want to tackle racing seriously, this is first and foremost a surfboard. The extra width will definitely make paddling more comfortable and even faster, but will not bridge the gap to a race board. Now with that said, touring with this model is without a doubt more pleasant but for very long distances you're better off with touring-specific models. (Join the SUP Racing Group on Sup Connect.)



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