10'10" Rusty Standup Paddle Board



Rusty 10'10" Stand Up Paddle Board by Boardworks.





2+1 Fin Setup

Allowing thruster, twin, or single fin setup's

10-10 Rusty Stand Up Paddle Board for Surfing

Rusty SUP's are designed to surf. All feature similar bottom contours: Slight release in nose, Flat entry, Light concave in center, A slight double barrel vee coming into the fins, Flat off the back. All boards feature a tight bottom radius on the rails. This contributes to stability and helps to get the board up and planning more efficiently. This is a proven, go-to, bottom design for surfboards that has stood the test of time for decades. It generates a lot of speed yet enables the rider to make smooth, controlled, rail-to-rail transitions with minimal effort. (Join the Gear Talk Group on Sup Connect.)







Board comes with tration providing plenty of grip

10-10 Rusty Stand Up Paddle Board for Surfing

Equipment: Stand Up Paddle

Equipment Use: Surfing & Touring

MSRP: US $1,345

Length: 10' 10"

Width: 29-3/8"

Tickness: 4-1/16"

Volume: --

Nose: full-nose

Tail: round-diamond

Fins Setup: 2+1

Other.1: Center Handle

Other.2: Traction

Other.3: Two Leash Plugs

Construction: Molded - Epoxy Vacuum System (EVS)

Manufacturers: Contact Boardworks SUP



Andre Niemeyer's Notes


Board Handle

Board comes with handle to make it easy to carry it

10-10 Rusty Stand Up Paddle Board for Surfing


The 10'10" Rusty Stand Up Paddle Board still retains nearly all features of its smaller cousins (9'8", 10'0" and 10'4") but provides more stability and flotation. So, like its shorter counterparts, this board is an excellent crossover board for surfing and paddling, featuring an extremely strong construction. The fairly tapered rails permit the board to have good transitions from rail-to-rail on the wave while the combination of width, thickness, and rocker allows for a very comfortable paddle with relatively very little yaw. This model comes in 9'8", 10'0", 10'4", 10'10", and 11'4", each intended to be ridden by different weight/skill-level riders, but with the common purpose of achieving high surfing performance and occasional comfortable, recreational paddles. (Become friends with Boardworks on Sup Connect.)



As one of the world's most accomplished shapers, Rusty Preisendorfer needs no introduction. But here is some anyway. He has had several of the world's top surfing professionals riding his boards, was nominated shaper of the year by Surfing Magazine, and today still designs what's arguably the world's most widely recognizable board label. And the 10'10" SUP reflects all that expertise. The board has an incredibly fluid template, resulting in a very smooth ride and fast glide, but at the same time being highly responsive with maneuvers in the surf. And striking an excellent match of surf and paddle, the 10'10" SUP can still be taken out for a comfortable paddle, for it offers great stability and it holds it's paddling line. The boardworks molded construction is highly durable and fairly lightweight. (Sign up to Sup Connect Newsletter to stay in the sup loop.)



The board is a surf/paddle board. That is, it's designed for someone who wants to have some fun riding waves but also who would like to just go out for a paddle sometimes. And as such, anyone looking for something other than that on the board might be disappointed. If all you'll do is paddle, then (anyone weighing more than 175lbs) should look for a longer board, for the surf-related features in the 10'10" SUP will not give you the comfort and glide longer boards can offer. It does offer a much more comfortable glide than the 9'8", but if comfort (and not performance) is your goal, then you might want to look at the 11'4" Rusty. (Join the SUP Racing Group on Sup Connect.)



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Two Leash Plugs

Two leash plugs for reliable grip

10-10 Rusty Stand Up Paddle Board for Surfing

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Rusty Standup Board in Action - Clip I

Rusty Standup Board in Action - Clip II


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