Surfing, Standup Paddle Boarding Doctor Teaches People How to Increase Performance and Avoid Injury

Dr. Marc Adams teaching a patient. | Photo: Alexandra Cordts Dr. Marc Adams teaching a patient. | Photo: Alexandra Cordts

SWANSEA, Massachusetts – After years of successfully applying an approach developed specifically for surfers and standup paddle boarders in his medical practice, Dr. Marc Adams wanted to be able to give more people access to his approach than he could through his practice alone. The newly released book Surf Longer, SUP Stronger – A New Approach to Advance Your Performance, Avoid Injuries, and Surf and Standup Paddle board for a Lifetime, teaches readers how to surf longer and SUP stronger while avoiding unnecessary neck, back, shoulder and wrist injuries.

Combining concepts from physical medicine and rehabilitation, osteopathy, biomechanics, neurophysiology, meditation, yoga and the Alexander Technique, Surf Longer, SUP Stronger is geared toward surfers and standup paddle boarders of all ages and skill levels. By detailing specific movement patterns unique to surfing and standup paddle boarding techniques, this book not only improves one’s performance while engaged in these water sports, but also illuminates a general plan for improved use of the body and mind.

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"The techniques that I have been teaching enable surfers and paddle boarders to use less effort, move more fluidly, create less strain in their joints and to reconnect to their body’s original plan for poise, balance, and health," explained Dr. Marc Adams. "This revolutionary approach to wellness will enhance performance, help avoid injuries and allow people to get the maximum enjoyment out of surfing and standup paddle boarding for a lifetime."

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His lifelong passion for surfing began when he was a child. Some of his earliest memories involve the sensations of surfing. Adams first got the idea to study more about the science of these sensations he loves while studying biology as an undergraduate at California State University Fullerton. His passion continued and Osteopathic Medicine proved to be a perfect blend of his interests in sports and science. Years of medical practice in neuromusculoskeletal medicine combined with over 30 years of surfing experience - including standup paddle boarding in recent years - has provided Dr. Adams with a unique skill set for presenting this clear and easy-to-follow approach.

Surf Longer, SUP Stronger is currently available in print through Amazon.com (ISBN: 978-1511753968) as well as in ebook format for Kindle, iBooks and Nook.

About Dr. Marc Adams and Surf Longer, SUP Stronger:

Surfing has remained a constant and dominant force in Dr. Marc Adams’ exercise and leisure life since he was a child. After years of developing and applying an approach specific for surfers and standup paddle boarders in his medical practice, Dr. Adams now shares his knowledge in Surf Longer, SUP Stronger to help a much larger audience than he can do through his practice alone. For more information, visit http://www.supstronger.com.

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