River SUP Wipeouts and Runs

Ben Moore, navigating his way through the rapids. Ben Moore, navigating his way through the rapids.

CHATTOOGA RIVER, North Carolina - If not succeed, try and try again, right? That's what these river paddle boarders found out when paddle boarding down the rapids of the Chattooga River in North Carolina. Paddle boarders Trey Knight (C4 Waterman), Ben Moore (BIC SUP), Dave Hepp, Mitch Davis, Atilla Takats, and kayakers Austin Crane and Jacq Willis are seen in this short video created by Mitch Davis, having some awesome runs down the river along with an equal amount of wipeouts.

While stand up paddling on the river can be tons of fun, remember that it can also be quite dangerous. Make sure you are prepared and have the proper equipment when going face to face with the rapids!

In the meantime, enjoy this awesomely fun clip filled with fun river runs and wipeouts.


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