Pampinella & Booth Win Punta Ala SUP Race

PUNTA ALA, Italy - It was another fantastic day of racing for stop #11 of Eurotour 2023 in Punta Ala, Italy. The 5-star Sparviero SUP Challenge in memory of Sara D’Apolito was hosted by PuntAla Camp & Resort. In true Italian form, the 100+ competitors didn't shy away from the challenge and everyone signed up for the 15km course around Isolotto dello Sparviero.

Women's Race

For the women's race, Cecilia Pampinella from Italy absolutely crushed it at home, reminding everyone why she's one of the finest in the world. Switzerland's Anna Tschirky had her 8th podium on tour with yet another close second place. On a very consistent race, Spain's local resident Susak Molinero impressed us with a third-place finish. The young guard was close with Italy's 14-year-old phenom Claudia Postiglione in fourth and only a few minutes behind Italy's 13-year-old Sveva Sabato from the same club, Sup Academy Taranto, closing the Top 5.

Top 10 Women:

  1. Cecilia Pampinella (Italy)
  2. Anna Tschirky (Switzerland)
  3. Susak Molinero (Spain)
  4. Claudia Postiglione (Italy)
  5. Sveva Sabato (Italy)
  6. Velia Pisanelli (Italy)
  7. Laura Nitti (Italy)
  8. Miriana Mangialasche (Italy)
  9. Vira Lemekha (Ukraine)
  10. Anna Occhiogrosso (Italy)


EuroTour Punta Ala 43 EuroTour Punta Ala 50

Premios EuroTour Punta Ala 21Women's race + podium. | Photos courtesy: Mario Entero / Euro Tour

Men's Race

For the men, Michael Booth from Australia completely dominated the race and got a well-deserved first place. On a race from less to more, Donato Freens from the Netherlands had a great second leg for second place. The biggest story of the day was Italy's Filippo Mercuriali, who had an impeccable strategy for third place on his best international result. It was a tough break for the early hero of the race, Italy's Riccardo Rossi, who was second for a big part of the race and suffered some tough cramps, relegating him to a still very impressive fourth place. On a very solid race, Peru's Itzel Delgado showed why he's regarded as one of the best South Americans, closing the Top 5.

Top 10 Men:

  1. Michael Booth (Australia)
  2. Donato Freens (Netherlands)
  3. Filippo Mercuriali (Italy)
  4. Riccardo Rossi (Italy)
  5. Itzel Delgado (Peru)
  6. Davide Alpino (Italy)
  7. Blue Ewer (United Kingdom)
  8. Nicoló Vincenzo Ricco (Italy)
  9. Paolo Marconi (Italy)
  10. Tommaso Pampinella (Italy)

EuroTour Punta Ala 191

EuroTour Punta Ala 185 EuroTour Punta Ala 113

Men's Race | Photos courtesy: Mario Entero / Euro Tour

The Juniors race in the afternoon was wild, with challenging conditions due to strong winds. With everyone in Spartan mode, all participants, ranging from 8 to 14 years old, completed the race with a huge smile.

Full results on the Eurotour website.

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