Paddleboarder Gets Too Close With Whale

MONTEREY BAY, California - Recently, in Northern California up and down the coast, there have been a flurry of humpback whale sightings. While this isn’t too out of the ordinary for this time of the year, it is odd at how close these whales are coming into shore.




Monterey Bay has been a hot spot for these sightings lately and people are stoked at all the whale sightings. Some a little too stoked. While it is a very different experience to see these amazing creatures from water than land, this paddleboarder might have gotten a little too close for comfort to these whales when he literally paddled right up next to them and photographer Jodi Frediani caught it all on camera.


Not only did he break strict laws protecting the marine life and risking being slapped with a huge fine, but he also was putting his life in danger getting so close. While whales are at most times never aggressive, one wrong move could have gotten this guy killed.




We bet he will say it was definitely worth the risk, after all, that was probably a once in a lifetime experience. We’re just not sure we would be all over it. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Last modified onFriday, 23 January 2015 15:35

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