Paddle Board Yoga Airs on National TV Show

Nationally syndicated TV Show, The Doctors, which covers a variety of health topics with a panel of doctors, featured SUP Yoga and Surfing and their many benefits for a healthy living. (See Suplove boards used.)

The Doctors covering stand up paddle board yoga and bring the sport to new heights.





LOS ANGELES, California – Dr. James Sears, one of the six health panelists on the nationally syndicated show, The Doctors, headed to Marina Del Rey for a lesson of stand up paddle (sup) board yoga, or YogAqua, as Sarah Tiefenthaler calls it. A paddleboarder himself, Dr. Sears already had some experience before stepping on the board, although not with yoga. After a few twists and turns on the board, under the tutelage of Tiefenthaler, the national TV star went in for a splash or two, but not without gaining an insight on the benefits of SUP Yoga. (See the Suplove Boards used.)

As he highlighted on the show, the combination of paddle boarding and yoga adds an extra core and mental dimension to the workout, by demanding more balance. In addition to the outdoor appeal of this popular new sport, muscle groups that typically would not be engaged in a gym end up firing at will while on the board. And the nuanced adjustments to balance, give SUP Yoga an even deeper mental connection with the environment and body alignment. Now although more complex, yoga on paddleboards is now necessarily more difficult. In fact, some enthusiasts find it easier to execute certain poses on paddleboards than on firm ground.

Also on the forefront of this televised show was stand up paddle surfing. Dr. Sears shared some footage of him SUP Surfing at Turtle Bay, a pristine paddleboard destination on the North Shore of the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Turtle Bay is the home of Turtle Bay Resort, which offers both stand up paddle board surfing and flatwater opportunities, plus a variety of other paddleboard offers. Showcasing his skills, Dr. Sears shared one of his long rides at this famous Hawaiian spot and (no doubt) had some in the audience frothing at the sight of great surf and warm waters. As the sport witnesses an explosive rise in popularity, this marks yet another important chapter where the health benefits of stand up paddle boarding are forcefully set forth. (Learn more about Turtle Bay Resort.)


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