Outdoor Retailer Announces Show Dates Through 2022

Photo courtesy of Outdoor Retailer website. Photo courtesy of Outdoor Retailer website.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, California - Outdoor Retailer, the premier trade event and community gathering for the outdoor industry, is pleased to announce dates for its 2019-2022 tradeshows. Starting in November 2018, Outdoor Retailer moves to the beginning of the seasonal buying cycles, positioning the national show as the launch event and epicenter for innovation and ideas for the outdoor industry.

“By re-establishing Outdoor Retailer as a launch event,” explains Marisa Nicholson, VP and show director for all Outdoor Retailer events, “the shows are able to influence ‘how’ retailers buy, rather than ‘when’ they buy. Retailers will have the opportunity to see the entire range of products available and gather intel about trends and industry initiatives. The deadlines stay the same, but the retailers will have more information. They see what’s possible, they analyze their sell through so that when they sit down at regional shows with their reps, they can maximize their open-to-buy dollars and minimize order changes. Brands benefit from early retailer feedback to guide forecasting and production. And the industry benefits from everyone coming together to share ideas.”

The Outdoor Retailer team continues to work with strategic partners, regional rep associations and buying groups to create co-locations and demo events around each of Outdoor Retailer’s three trade events: Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

The five-year calendar begins with the previously announced 2018 dates and extends through 2022, reaffirming Outdoor Retailer’s commitment to Denver, CO and the Colorado Convention Center, which will host all of Outdoor Retailer’s tradeshows:

  • Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show: January 25-28
  • Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: July 23-26
  • Outdoor Retailer Winter Market: November 8-11
  • Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show: January 8-11
  • Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: June 17-20
  • Outdoor Retailer Winter Market: November 5-8
  • Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show: January 7-10
  • Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: June 22-25
  • Outdoor Retailer Winter Market: November 9-12
  • Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show: January 11-14
  • Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: June 14-17
  • Outdoor Retailer Winter Market: November 15-18
  • Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show: January 10-13
  • Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: June 10-13
  • Outdoor Retailer Winter Market: November 11-14

“Outdoor Retailer brings fresh energy from a robust community that shares our passion for the outdoors, winter or summer,” says Richard Scharf, president and CEO of VISIT DENVER. “We look forward to being home to these iconic shows for five years. Exhibitors and attendees will stay at our hotels, frequent our restaurants and visit our first-class resorts. We are thankful for this new partnership and welcoming new friends to our city.”
For information about exhibit opportunities at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market or Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, contact Krista Dill, director of sales, at [email protected] for further information. Registration for the upcoming Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show for exhibitors and independent reps will open in early November.

About Outdoor Retailer

Outdoor Retailer brings together retailers, manufacturers, industry advocates and media to conduct the business of outdoor recreation through trade shows, Outdoor Retailer Magazine, product demo events, media events and web-based business solutions. The Outdoor Retailer trade shows are the premier outdoor industry events for North America, providing platforms for critical face-to-face business initiatives, line previews, innovations, launches, networking and retailer education. Visit outdoorretailer.com for more information.

Outdoor Retailer is owned by Emerald Expositions, the largest operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States, with most of our shows dating back several decades. We currently operate more than 50 trade shows, including 31 of the top 250 trade shows in the country as ranked by TSNN, as well as numerous other events. Our events connect over 500,000 global attendees and exhibitors and occupy more than 6.5 million NSF of exhibition space. We have been recognized with many awards and accolades that reflect our industry leadership as well as the importance of our shows to the exhibitors and attendees we serve.

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