Naked Thieves Steal Paddleboard And Burgers



FORT MYERS, Florida - In what might be the strangest burglary we’ve ever heard of (or just a case of the munchies), three men - two nude and one in underwear, went into a Florida restaurant called Doc’s Beach house and stole burgers, red peppers, bacon and a paddleboard. How’s that for being random.


The three men were caught on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras and were shown taking a box of packaged burgers. They ended up taking 60 burgers, three pounds of bacon, three red peppers, and the paddleboard, in total.


From the video, they seemed pretty harmless, almost as if it was a hazing prank from a fraternity. They even left a trail of some of the food scattered along the beach.


Our thoughts? - These dudes must have forgotten to go grocery shopping for their BBQ and needed a quick solution. They took the paddleboard because they needed a way to escape, not to mention transport all this meat. Finally, they weren’t wearing any clothes because they realized how much better it is to swim without them. Innocent right?


Tell us your theories in the comments below!


View the full story here.


Last modified onFriday, 23 January 2015 15:44

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