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Lakeshore Paddleboard Company is the original designer and leading manufacturer of stand-up paddleboards specifically for the flat-water touring market with a focus on stability, comfort, recreation, and style.Our main goal is to offer a premium brand which truly represents a “lifestyle”; a lifestyle consisting of health, adventure, fun, and freedom. 

Our boards are the most stable and convenient, flat-water specific, recreational touring SUP’s on the market. They are the ultimate watercraft for exploration, discovery, fitness, and individual expression.   We have boards for all ages, all skill levels, and all body types.

Lakeshore Paddleboard Company Lifestyle:

A complete line of products and accessories are available to give you the ability to acquire the total package necessary to experience this new sport.   And finally the most important features of all....Pricing.   Our brand has been created with affordability in mind, without compromising quality.

Lakeshore Paddleboard Company has four categories of stand-up paddleboards.

Each category has specific board size, shape, color, and design which offers a unique experience designed to provide a best fit for each and every individual’s body type and preferred skill level.   Discover which adventure is right for your next expedition. The complete line-up is available at http://www.lpc-sup.com.com

With all the unique features necessary for your next expedition, you can’t go wrong in choosing an LPC board.  There isn’t another brand out there that offers such a complete
package exclusively catered to your lifestyle.

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Website: supconnect.com
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