Kuntzel & Booth Take Out Denmark SUP Race

Men's race start. | Photo Courtesy: Euro Tour / Cat Yde Men's race start. | Photo Courtesy: Euro Tour / Cat Yde

HVIDE SANDE, Denmark - "Best weather day of the year" was the description used by all the locals in Denmark over the weekend; with temperatures in the mid 20s. The crossing of the Fjord was nothing less of spectacular and made for some epic battles.

On the women side it was a group of three women that broke early and stuck together the entire race. On a frantic sprint to the line the local youngster Caroline Kuntzel claimed the win by inches for the public’s delight. Germany’s Susanne Lier set the pace the entire race and led the group all 14km to finish on a 2nd place and learned a valuable lesson in the process. The always consistent Nicoline Elisavetha was there the whole race and came in a solid 3rd. A couple of minutes after Denmark's Maria Ostergaard crossed the finish line in 4th and Lisette Rosenbeck rounded out the podium.

denmark sup race 2021 women

denmark sup race 2021 women 1 denmark sup race 2021 women podium

Top 3 ladies of the event. | Photos Courtesy: Euro Tour / Cat Yde

Top 10 Women:

  1. Caroline Kuntzel
  2. Susanne Lier
  3. Nicoline Elisavetha
  4. Maria Ostergaard
  5. Lisette Rosenbeck
  6. Maria Petersen
  7. Tenna Bryant
  8. Dorthe Nielsen
  9. Jeanet Gjedsted
  10. Karen Ranlov

denmark sup race 2021 michael boothMichael Booth, paddling to another victory. | Photo Courtesy: Euro Tour / Cat Yde

On the men side Aussie Michael Booth came out of the gates with a very strong sprint and led the entire race to finish with nearly two minutes over the chase group. One thing is for sure the champ has not missed a beat since we last saw him and goes two in a row for the 2021 Euro Tour.

Chasing Booth the whole way were Denmark’s superstars Christian Andersen and Casper Steinfath that paddled together the whole race. Andersen did a great job keeping the pace, but if there’s one thing you don’t want is to sprint the Viking to the finish and here Casper used his prowess on the mater to finish in 2nd over his good friend Christian. The two did Denmark proud and the public loved it. Another close sprint to the line was done by new up and comer Christopher Skovgaard that finished 4th in front of champ Linus Karlsson that closed another good performance at 5th.

denmark sup race 2021 casper christian denmark sup race 2021 men podium

The Casper/Christian battle was a real crowd pleaser. | Photos Courtesy: Euro Tour / Cat Yde

Top 10 Men:

  1. Michael Booth
  2. Casper Steinfath
  3. Christian Andersen
  4. Christopher Skovgaard
  5. Linus Karlsson
  6. Noa Stender
  7. Peter Havn
  8. Rasmus Westermann
  9. Johan Skarskog
  10. Magnus Lindstedt 

Big shout out to thank Michael, Niels, Carsten and the entire team at Dansk Surf & Rafting Forbund for an impeccable organization.Check out the full results here and the video recap of the event below.

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