Kelskids Offering Special SUP Certification Programs

The folks at Kelskids have designed a training session & certification for others to instruct our special friends in SUP! SUP communities interested in getting certified by KelsKids in adapted SUP programs should contact them to set up the where and when's?

Their training programs vary between one day to one weekend to one week and can be catered to the needs of the facility or individuals being certified. KelsKids is non-profit organization and fees for certification can be written off as charitable contributions.

Fees are:

$150/participants for level 1 certification ~ 1 day

$210/participants for level 2 certification~ 2 days

$500/participants for level 3 certification~ 4 days

Level 4 includes basic sign language and alternative communication skills, self relaxation activities, and basic behavior modification techniques proven successful in using with individuals with autism, and other diagnosed disabilities.

For more information on Kelskids and their training programs, head to their website here.



About Kelskids:

KelsKids offers services which enable diagnosed disabled people of the world to gain a sense of freedom through our aquatic programs. Our teaching methods for swim lessons, paddle board and aquatic safety skills are extremely successful for everyone. Up to today, I can say we have shown 100% success in increased aquatic safety & swim skills for anyone age 3 years to 85 years (regardless of abilities & challenges) who has had 8 or more consecutive lessons with us. Our programs incorporate & enhance global development; physical fitness, life saving and changing aquatic skills along with aquatic kinesthetic learning that reinforces cognitive goals.


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