Instantly Turn Any SUP Into A Kayak With the Padillak

Kickstarter campaign now launched for first-ever SDP (sit-down paddle) seats. Kickstarter campaign now launched for first-ever SDP (sit-down paddle) seats.

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana – Two water sport enthusiasts from Shreveport, Louisiana, Ron Dunigan and Keith Lockhart, created the solution to many recreational SUP (stand-up paddle) boarders’ main issue – losing balance and getting tired while standing on their paddle board. Dunigan and Lockhart created the Padillak, the first-ever SDP (sit-down paddle) seat that allows a paddle boarder to take a seat on his/her board and enjoy a steady kayak-like stride. While there are other SUP board seat products out there, the Padillak is the first of it’s kind to essentially transform any paddle board into a kayak, without compromising the original use the board was designed for.

“The Padillak is a new kind of water sport experience,” said Lockhart. “Now you don’t have to choose between a paddle board or kayak, or worry about getting tired on your SUP board. Anytime you get tired just take a seat! Simple as that.”

On July 4, a 30-day Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds of at least $30,000 to mass produce the Padillak and make it available to the general public.

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The Padillak is manufactured entirely in the United States and is created with an easily adjustable dunlock module base that securely velcros onto any paddle board. It is lightweight and easy to install, put together and transport. The seat consists of a nylon seat cushion and can be taken off the Padillak and used as a coast guard-approved flotation device. The Padillak also comes with balance bars allowing the paddle boarder to easily sit down and stand up while on the water.

The Padillak is being sold for nearly half the retail price ($489) on Kickstarter in hopes that people are willing to try it out and support the campaign. The Padillak also comes in a deluxe version with various add-ons and attachments such as paddle clips, paddle lights, a Bluetooth speaker and drink holders. In addition, the Padillak brand also creates attachments such as a tyke seat and pet pad to bring children or pets aboard the paddle board.

More information can be found on the Kickstarter campaign page, Website, Facebook (facebook.com/padillakSDP) and Twitter (@padillak).

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