EuroTour 2023 Mid-Season Rankings

Photo courtesy: EuroTour Photo courtesy: EuroTour

After 7 of 13 events on the 2023 EuroTour we just passed the half way mark of events for the season, but both the Bord'Ocean SUP Days and Scharbeutz SUP Race Festival events had big implications for the most comprehensive rankings of the sport.

Spain's Esperanza Barreras and France's Noic Garioud currently have the lead out of 30 countries but hot on their heels are some big movers like the UK's Blue Ewer is close behind in 2nd for the men and Spain's Aaron Sanchez Quetglas in 6th, Japan's Shuri Araki in 7th and Australia's Michael Booth is in 8th.

On the women side Spain's Duna Gordillo has moved up to 2nd, France's Iona Rivet is in 6th and USA's Fiona Wylde is in 9th. As always, the EuroTour is for everyone and this year a Kahuna (50+) division was added, adding to the existing Master (40+) and Juniors divisions. With the second half of the season already underway, there's plenty of time for the rankings to shakeup and moves to be made. Only time will tell!

Have a look at the current rankings led by the biggest athletes of the sport below:

ck2022 1468Photo courtesy: EuroTour

Top 20 Women:

  1. Esperanza Barreras
  2. Duna Gordillo
  3. Alba Frey
  4. Anna Tschirky
  5. Cecilia Pampinella
  6. Iona Rivet
  7. Laura Quetglas
  8. Susanne Lier
  9. Fiona Wylde
  10. Erica Revil
  11. MariCarmen Rivera
  12. Sonia Caimari
  13. Ainhoa Rivas
  14. Susak Molinero
  15. Melanie Lafenetre
  16. Alexia Soto
  17. Fanny Tessier
  18. Veronica Silva
  19. Petronella Van Malsen
  20. Emily Evans

EURO TOUR Alicante 178Photo courtesy: EuroTour

Top 20 Men:

  1. Noic Garioud
  2. Blue Ewer
  3. Cristian Andersen
  4. Donato Freens
  5. Clement Colmas
  6. Aaron Sanchez Quetglas
  7. Shuri Araki
  8. Michael Booth
  9. Ollie Houghton
  10. Bruno Hasulyo
  11. Ty Judson
  12. Arthur Arutkin
  13. Fernando Perez Serra
  14. Eri Tenorio
  15. Johnny Hagan
  16. Connor Baxter
  17. Tomas Lacerda
  18. Ricardo Rossi
  19. Antonio Morillo
  20. Rai Taguchi

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