Canadian Paddler Braves Freezing Conditions To Stay Stoked

LAKE ONTARIO, Canada - Paddling in the winter is serious business. It takes commitment to crawl out of your warm bed, get into a wetsuit (or dry suit) and brave the elements - especially if you live in a city where it gets particularly cold. Faced with the choice of staying inside for a day under the blankies with Netflix and warm cocoa or a frosty paddle, many fall by the wayside.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to Cameron McCreath, possibly the most hard-core SUP fan we've encountered.

canada-sup-2Cameron McCreath| Images by J. Edwards

Last weekend, frothed up like a giddy grom after watching the Triple Crown of Surfing finish in amazing waves at Pipeline via webcast, Cameron found himself left with no choice but to obey his thirst for stoke. The only obstacles in his way were chilly winds, minus 12 degrees celcius (10.4 Farenhieght) temperatures and a bit of ice on the surface of his local spot, Port Credit. According toFCS SUP's Chris Durlacher, who sent us the images and some gear to Cameron for his efforts, it was great session. "Cameron stores his boards at his parents house close to his local break. We all laughed when he told us that the only way his Mum would let him go out is if he wore a helmet!" said Chris. 

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