Bstoked Announces Competition for Most Unique Kitesurf, Surf and SUP Experiences

MUNICH, Germany – bstoked has announced an open competition for the most unique kitesurf, surf and SUP experiences worldwide. It calls onto surfers to share their local kitesurf, surf and SUP experiences with visiting riders, who can thus benefit from a more authentic and insider experiences of a local surf scene.

Hosts, also called bstoked buddies, are encouraged to come up with creative ideas of how to design the perfect kitesurf, surf or SUP experience on locations they know well. Complete trip formats such as a “one week spot exploration road trip with a camper van in Chile” or a “catamaran cruise to secret spots in the Caribbean” can be sold at a premium. But bstoked buddies can also offer more simple services such as renting­ out accommodation and sport equipment or provide spot guidance and spice these up with delicious food, entertainment and an insider experience of the local scene. The best and most creative offers will get promoted on bstoked.net, a marketplace for sports trips with tens of thousands of users from around the globe. The selected hosts will thus get a chance to build up their profile brand and get a head start for a novel type of sports experience sharing that will become available through a new P2P platform that will be released by bstoked in early 2016.

bstoked wants to inspire and empower experienced or famous kite surfers, surfers and SUPers to share their knowledge and resources with visiting riders as this will allow them to spend more time on the water and get additional income to finance their way of life.

“By connecting local and visiting (kite)surfers and SUPers we can create truly unique and valuable experiences. This form of collaborative surfing as we call it will enable surfers to ride more and earn money by sharing their passion for the sport with others.” Martin Marzidovsek, co­founder of bstoked

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Get exclusive access now and submit kitesurf, surf and SUP experiences at www.bstoked.net/host

*Its free!
Deadline for submissions is 31st December!

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About bstoked

bstoked is a startup developing a community marketplace specialised for lifestyle sports that enables users to spend more time with their favorite sport while making money and to experience foreign spots with locals. It’s somewhere between Aribnb and TripAdvisor for sports experiences but it has a stronger community aspect by bringing together people with a passion for the same sport, thus making the sharing experience much more worthwhile. The startup has been online for almost a year and is now gradually expanding from kitesurfing into surfing and SUPing. bstoked is currently working on its all­new P2P platform which will launch in early 2016.

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