Sun Comes Out For BIC One Design World Champs

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The stand up paddle world has its eyes fixed on San Juan at the moment. This last Thursday, December 5 and Friday, December 6 saw the BIC One Design World Champs take place at Candado Lagoon, Puerto Rico’s premiere SUP location. The action continues all weekend, as the annual Paddle Royal starts on Saturday and finishes on Sunday.


For anyone unfamiliar with the format, the One Design challenge sees all athletes competing on the same board - the 12’6 WING by BIC SUP. This unique approach to competition acts as a leveling agent, removing any unfair advantage equipment presents for athletes. There’s obviously a case to be made about how an athlete’s body size and technique comes into play, but that’s all part of the great conversations innovative approaches to competition are starting.  


After a very rainy start to the week, conditions in San Juan have calmed down and have the event organizers a chance to run the One Design World Champs in the clean conditions we’ve all come to expect from Condado Lagoon. Eric Terrien and the good people from Velauno Velauno hosted a great practice session and party on Thursday, before Friday’s racing program started.

The final results of the Men’s and Women’s categories are as follows:  


1. Kristen Thomas (USA)
2. Cecile Gondre (France)
3. Kim Reily (USA)
4. Joelle Terrien (France)
5. Teresa Rogers (USA)
6. Sharon Seibert (USVI)
7. Magne Sandrine (France)
8. Jene Kapela (USA)
9. Andrea Schliessman (USA)
10. Katherine Goldman (USA)


1. Chuck Glynn (USA)
2. Frank Fifils (Guadalupe)
3. Normunds Barinovs (Latvia)
4. Christian Prado (USA)
5. Mike Evatt (USA)
6. Claude Chasse (Canada)
7. Mark Laird (USA)
8. Ed Pierce
9. Sam Wessinger (USVI)
10. Patrice Removille (France)

Juniors (13-16 year olds)
1st – Miguel Alvarez (Puerto Rico)
2nd – Sam Wessinger (US Virgin Islands)
3rd – Kevin DeArmas (Puerto Rico)

What are your thoughts on the BIC One Design format? We’d love to know, via Facebook.


Today, Saturday November 7, marks the start of the Paddle Royal. This prestigious event has gathered a collection of the world’s best racing athletes, including the likes of Slater Trout, Danny Ching and Eric Terrien among others. While the One Design Challenge levels the playing field with boards, this weekend Mother Nature has stepped in to offer a different kind of obscable - heavy winds and swell.

The distance race follows a route that goes through Condado Lagoon, into the ocean (where it is going to be choppy and rough), before finishing in calm water again. Winning the Paddle Royal is not going to be small potatoes for anyone (even Danny Ching), so we’re excited to see who comes out on top.

To follow the race, log on to Paddle Yoyal.info.

Click to find out more about BIC Stand Up Paddle Boards.  

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